Organisations are Falling Behind in Cybersecurity Analytics and Operations

Many businesses have had trouble keeping up with the threats that they face and a study by DFLabs, known as the leader in Security Automation and Orchestration Technology showed that many businesses are unprepared for an attack.

A study conducted by the Enterprise Strategy Group polled businesses to find if their business was prepared against a cyber-attack. The results showed that 71% of the businesses polled stated they found their systems were more difficult to implement now than they were two years ago.  These results incorporated systems like SIEMs, vulnerability assessment, threat intelligence, endpoint detection and user behavior. Basically, the research shows that many businesses are unprepared for a cyber-attack.

What do the Numbers Say?

Considering how technology has improved within the last decade, many businesses are starting to find out how they can protect themselves. Security operation tools to automate and orchestrate security operations was considered a top priority for many businesses.  Nearly every business polled (90%) stated that they are going to deploy technology that is designed for Automation and Orchestration for their security programs.  Many businesses feel that Automation (66%) is more important than Orchestration (31%). These numbers show that the demand for cyber security operation centers will increase.

Regarding Incident Response

While many businesses have a threat detection level, many companies are starting to turn towards incident response. 86% of those polled already have an incident response platform in place, or are planning on creating a platform. 92% of the companies have set up, will set up, or are looking at the Machine Learning Technology.  This will support Automation and Orchestration, with acceleration of incident response as the top priority.  Basically, companies are looking for a way to improve customer satisfaction with machines, which will provide the human elements in detecting and thwarting any threats.

Using a survey designed for IT professionals and cybersecurity professionals, the 412 members were asked about a range of the skills, challenges, requirements, and what technologies the companies should adopt for the future.  81% of those polled agreed that improving their operations and systems. should be a high priority.  78% agreed there a formal plan should be created and funding that increases the overall success of the systems.  72% agreed that business management is applying pressure to cybersecurity teams to improve the operations.  82% will increase their spending towards Security Analytics and Operations.


DFLabs Market Research Infographic

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