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Leveraging our Virtual DPO as a service. Get privacy practitioners to support your GDPR compliance

Virtual DPO - Supporting Your GDPR Compliance

All of us at Cyber Management Alliance are truly excited about the dawn of a new era in citizen-privacy. An age where, underpinned by regulation, organisations will be forced to rethink and relinquish hundreds, if not thousands of years of a commercial, profit-first mindset. 

We are recognised for our impartial, pragmatic and expert advice on GDPR and data privacy and we support our clients with their GDPR compliance in the following ways:

  • Assessments: The best place to start if you are unsure or want to know about the gaps in your current efforts.
  • Trusted advisory and V-DPO:  We onboard as your trusted advisor on a retainer basis and offer you outsourced Virtual Data Protection Officer (V-DPO) services.
  • GDPR Training and Workshop: We can hold GDPR workshops for various members of your executive teams or other staff members.  
  • GDPR Breach Readiness Workshops:  We run an internal breach readiness workshop for executives based on our Cyber Incident Planning & Response workshop.

GDPR Balancing the Scales for Privacy for Humans



Our Primary Goal

“Our goal is to help your business be GDPR ready, in practice and in the spirit of GDPR; that of transparency, accountability and where the rights of the data subject are at the heart of your GDPR strategy.
We maintain our high standards by keeping your best interests in mind and strive to serve as an extension of your business.” 

Amar Singh, CEO, Cyber Management Alliance Ltd. 

Top 3 reasons our clients select us 

As an extension of your business, our objective is to ensure your organisation is GDPR ready by:  

  • Managing and lowering  information and data privacy risks to the business.
  • Ensuring that underpinning IT and cybersecurity technologies are delivering maximum value.
  • Ensuring your business is breach-ready and able to manage a GDPR related data breach.
Access world class expertise to increase your GDPR maturity

Our clients list the following six reasons why they selected our virtual Data Protection Officer's GDPR expertise. They:

  1. Required trusted advice from globally-recognised experienced professionals.
  2. Wanted a vendor-neutral perspective, not just someone selling services.
  3. Did not have a full time requirement for a security executive.
  4. Wanted the V-DPO to become an extension of their business. 
  5. Wanted the V-DPO to understand office politics and the intricacies of human relationships. A strong stakeholder manager. 
  6. Wanted the V-DPO to help align their business against international best practices and standards. 


Benefits of our GPDR V-DPO Service offering

Our virtual services are specifically designed for those organisations that require access to experienced information security and data privacy professionals but are unable to hire one themselves, either due to business and financial constraints or the acute shortage of skilled executives.  

Some of the benefits of partnering with Cyber Management Alliance Ltd include:

  • Significant Cost Savings.  Our flexible scale-up or scale-down service allows you to match your changing security requirements and threat landscape while making tangible cost savings.

  • Impartial, Vendor Neutral Advice. Our V-DPO will always act in your best interest to reduce your overall risk exposure, and to ensure maximum value of your current and future cyber security investments.   

  • Flexible to Your Needs. We recognise that your business faces constant change and our solution scales to your needs and business requirements.

  • Increased Board and Senior Executive EngagementOur V-DPO has the experience to educate and present to all types of senior executives, board members and non-technical senior staff.

Put simply,  our V-CISO can help with planning and support, communicating and influencing, assessing and maintaining, and taking a lead on all things related to cyber security and information security.


The relentless pursuit for continuous profit and growth at any cost is, simply put, at odds with what the GDPR mandates.” 

Amar Singh, CEO, Cyber Management Alliance Ltd. 

Our GDPR V-DPO Service features

Once you are on-boarded as a V-CISO customer, you have access to the following list of services:

  • Experienced Privacy Practitioners. Access to verifiable expert individuals who have held leadership roles and have a wealth of industry experience.

  • Data Breach Ready. Our V-DPO will oversee and co-ordinate to ensure your business is prepared to deal with data breaches and incidents.

  • Regulatory Compliance and Governance. Our V-DPO will manage and communicate with regulators for all data privacy and information security requests on your behalf. 

  • Specialist Training Included. Our V-DPO are experienced practitioners and offer specialist management-focused cyber security training as part of the V-CISO service. Depending on your requirement, we can deliver our flagship CIPR (Cyber Incident Planning & Response) training or our non-technical executive CSPE (Cyber Security & Privacy Essentials) training. 


GDPR GAP Assessments

If you are not sure where to begin, we suggest you start with an assessment. We offer our clients a light-touch assessment against the key focus areas of GDPR along with a mix of accepted Information Security Management standards like the ISO 27001:2013.  Our approach focuses on using your business drivers to guide activities and we take into consideration relevant threats and risks as part of your organization’s risk management processes. 

What our clients have to say:

“Amar and the team at Cyber Management Alliance have been a huge help in getting our firm positioned to deal with cyber security risk.  Having opened our eyes to the variety and scale of challenges we face, and the potential financial consequences, they worked closely with us to improve our infrastructure, processes and understanding to embed cyber awareness into the firm.”

James C, CEO  - UK Hedge Fund

GDPR Trusted Advisory and V-DPO:

In the complex world of GDPR, Cyber Management Alliance is the bastion of pragmatic, honest and expert advice on all things related to GDPR.  Our common sense approach to providing our clients with V-DPO (or virtual Data Protection Officer) services means that clients can tap into our pool of experts without extending your current budgets.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Breach readiness - create, review and optimise incident response processes and procedures
  • Create, review and improve Policy, process and procedures for cyber and GDPR
  • Pragmatic advice on the best product/tool for your business needs
  • Gap assessments of your current state and remedial actions to close the gaps
  • Formal internal and third party information risk assessments
  • Consent Management and Subject Access Request processes
  • Carry out DPIA and other GDPR related activities
  • Manage incidents to resolution. 

Operating & Pricing Model

  • Virtual: This is where our experienced professionals interact with you remotely. Also referred to as offsite.
  • Onsite: we visit your offices and sit down with you face-to-face.


GDPR Training and Workshops:

At Cyber Management Alliance we believe that the best trainers are practitioners, experts who constantly use their skills and expertise to help real clients with real problems.  To that extent, our GDPR trainers are practitioners who will share their day to day experience with clients during the training and GDPR workshops.

GDPR Breach Readiness Workshops:  

Having an incident response plan does not make you breach ready. Our GDPR breach readiness workshops are based on our globally recognised, UK GCHQ certified Cyber Incident Planning & Response workshops and provide you with the strategies, techniques and procedures to ensure you are ready to comply with GDPR’s notification requirements.


DPO As A Service Cost - Save Over 80% in Full Time CISO salary, every year! 

A simple two day a month Virtual CISO plan with Cyber Management Alliance would cost you in the region of £24,000 per annum where as a full time, experienced CISO, on average, would set you back approximately £120,000 per year (not including hiring costs, sick pay, holiday pay and training costs and possibly redundancy payments).

V-CISO Service Options

We offer a number of flexible solutions in terms of accessing our V-CISO service:

  • Retained: on a monthly contract that you can scale-up or scale-down.
  • On a project basis: on a time and material basis, our V-CISO will oversee the whole project and/or transformation. 

 This service is not limited to the UK and is available internationally.

Click here to download our V-CISO Brochure

Our Clients

Our clients include various hedge funds, boutique wealth management firms, publishing companies and polices forces.  For more details about our customers feel free to get in touch with us. 

Head of Our V-DPO Services Team 

Amar Singh has a long hisotry and experience in data privacy and Information Security and has served as CISO for various companies, including News International (now News UK), SABMiller, Gala Coral, Euromoney and Elsevier. Amar, amongst various other activities, is a Global Chief Information Security Officer and Trusted Advisor to a number of organisations including a FTSE 100 Firms and is Chair of the ISACA UK Security Advisory Groups. 

Amar has managed all types of Security Assessments and readiness projects in preparation for all types of accreditations including PCI, SOX, IS0 27001, COBIT and risk management, audit, business continuity, while being aware of TCP/IP, network security, secure software development, VPNs, mobile security, hacking techniques, database security, log management, access and authorization, email security and awareness of encryption algorithms. He has the ability and experience in dealing with auditors, both internal and external.

Amar is an industry-acknowledged expert and public speaker and is regularly invited to speak and share his insights by some of the largest and most respected organisations in the world.

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