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Data Protection and Incident Response

Date: 23/02/2017

Join Amar Singh in his popular and interactive webinars and deep-dive into strategies and technologies to help you to investigate, control and resolve incidents affecting your organisation.

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Most 2FA Solutions are Insecure, Is Yours One of Them?

Date: 01/03/2017

Everyone knows two-factor authentication right? or do you just know how to use it? Something you know and something you own is a phrase we can all recite but very few actually understand two-factor authentication and its true benefits.

Taming God User Webinar.png

Taming the God User

Date: 16/02/2017

Privileged IT users hold significant power in an organisation. They can delete, change or read emails and create, reset or change user accounts amongst other things. In many cases the privileged user can easily bring a business to its knees.

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Eugene Kaspersky - Kaspersky Lab

Date: 31/01/2017

Cyber Management Alliance's CEO, Amar SIngh, exclusivily interviews Eugene Kaspersky, Founder of Kaspersky Lab.

Raj Samani Blog-159975-edited.jpeg

Raj Samani - CTO Intel Security 

Date: 02/02/2017

Cyber Management Alliance's CEO, Amar SIngh, exclusively interviews Raj Samani, CTO EMEA at Intel Security. 

Adrian Davis Blog-196061-edited.jpg

Adrian Davies - (ISC)²

Date: Coming Soon

Adrian talks to us exclusively about his journey and his top tips for CISSP students. 

We are the industry's most experienced practitioners when it comes to cyber security training & cyber security consultant services

cyber security training


We offer a host of non-technical and technical courses including our GCHQ Certified Cyber Security & Privacy Essentials (CSPE) course and our Cyber Incident and Response Planning (CIPR) workshop. We also offer a one day management focused Strategies for Data Breach Management & Response workshop.

virtual CISO

Virtual CISO and DPO

Apart from our consultancy services we offer trusted advisory services on cyber security and data privacy where a full time resource is not required or not feasible. Our Virtual CISO’s are industry thought leaders and have over several years experience in Cyber Security & Data Privacy.



We work with event organisers from around the world and help them create effective and engaging cyber security events. Our growing pool of keynote speakers are carefully chosen and are recognised global industry leaders.

cyber essentials

PCI-DSS, Cyber Essentials & ISO 27001

Compliance with recognised standards demonstrates to your clients and suppliers that you take Information Security and data privacy seriously. However, being compliant is often a daunting and complicated task. We work with you to ensure that your business is ready for any and all compliance requirements.

penetration testing

Elite Penetration Testing

Just as you wouldn’t let an unverified individual test your house alarm, you should not allow just anyone test your organisation’s cyber defenses. We use only UK Government approved CREST Certified testers to test your security and deliver our Penetration Testing Assignments. Our Penetration Testers currently provide services to Barclays Bank and HSBC.

sata protection officer

Security & Data Privacy GAP Assessment

A GAP assessment of your current data privacy and information security practices can help you identify specific weaknesses and immature controls. The output from our GAP assessment can support you in focusing your investments in the right domains. We offer GAP assessments in most areas including Information Security, PCI-DSS, Data Privacy and Cyber Incident Response.

  • testimonial
    "This is a superb course and covers all essential parts of cyber strategy development."
    Robin Smith FRSA
    Head of Data Privacy at University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust
  • testimonial
    "I personally can only strongly recommend it to anybody!"
    Marcus Burkert
    Manager Cyber Security (IT Advisory) at KPMG
  • testimonial
    "I was coming from a very low knowledge base and am not a "techie" so it was perfectly pitched to increase my awareness."
    Susan Cordingley
    Director of Planning & Communications, National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO)
  • testimonial
    "Ideal introduction course for non technical senior executives."
    Naomi Climer
    President of The Institute of Engineering & Technology (IET)
  • testimonial_img.png
    "A marvellous introduction to a wide ranging complex subject area."
    Tony Green
    Security Architect, National Grid
  • testimonial
    “The course was fascinating. The trainer was excellent, his knowledge, experience and ability to translate technical jargon in to business language made it easy to understand."
    Inderjit Johal
    Barrister at Solicitors Regulation Authority, The Law Society
  • testimonial

    Brilliant course with lots of good examples. A course to recommend to any incident response team.

    Cyber Incident Response Team
    Swiss National Bank

  • testimonial
    "I left with a personal itinerary of "to do's" to ensure that my digital footprint is as secure and/or robust as possible"
    Charmaine  Woolley
    West Mercia Police
  • testimonial
    We had a lot of information about incident response, about incident management and cyber security attacks and how to handle it.

    Ayman Zaki
    CISCO I-Score, Egyptian Credit Bureau

  • testimonial
    "The program was exceptionally good."
    Kinshuk De
    Head of Business Operations, TATA Consultancy Services

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