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Our Flagship Services

We have a vast service offering for all types of businesses from Government bodies, Large Enterprise businesses to SMEs from Executive Briefing and Awareness Sessions, NCSC Assured Training, Tabletop Exercises to our Virtual Consultancy Services. We have a solution to fit most businesses. 

  • training

    Our popular training courses NCSC Assured Trainings in 'Cyber Incident Planning and Response' and 'Optimising Incident Response Playbooks' are available onsite, live online and via our elearning platform.

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  • mentoring

    Our Cyber Crisis Tabletop Exercises are designed specifically to help organisations test their Cyber Incident Response capabilities and evaluate if they're ready to respond to an actual cyber-attack. Designed and run by experts, these exercises are ideal for technical teams, senior leadership teams and the executive board.

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  • messages

    Our unique Virtual Cyber Assistant and Virtual Cyber Consultant services re the most cost effective solutions in the industry offering over 280+ services across 15 domains at the fraction of the cost of hiring contractors or traditional consultancies.

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Virtual Cyber Assistant Services

A unique, affordable, subscription-based, cybersecurity service for small to medium businesses, offering 280+ services in cybersecurity.  

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Virtual Cyber Consultant Services

A cost-effective, flexible, full-service consultancy service for medium & large enterprises with immediate cybersecurity requirements.

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Hands On, full-support 'Security As a Service', specifically designed for organisations that require access to experienced cybersecurity, governance, risk and compliance professionals. 

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Trusted Advisory

Expert, hands-off cyber security advisory services, specifically curated for organisations with existing cybersecurity teams & infrastructure.

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Cyber Incident Response Training, Playbooks Training, Tabletop Exercises & Virtual Cyber Assistant Services
Cyber Incident Planning & Response

NCSC Assured Training in Cyber Incident Planning & Response. Learn how to implement NIST’s Incident Response Lifecycle & Meet ISO 27001:2013’s Annexe A.16.1.

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Cyber Crisis Tabletop Exercises

Cyber Crisis Tabletop Exercises help you to test and measure your organisation’s Cyber Incident Response Plans and Breach Readiness Maturity.

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Decision making
Incident Response Playbook

NCSC Assured Training in Building & Optimising Incident Response Playbooks. Learn how to create NIST-compatible IR Playbooks.

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Virtual Cyber Assistant Services

A unique, affordable, subscription-based, cybersecurity service for small to medium businesses, offering 280+ services in cybersecurity.

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Cyber Crisis Tabletop Exercise Options

Measure the effectiveness of your organisation’s Cyber Incident Response Plans and Capabilities in a simulated attack environment. These exercises are followed up with a comprehensive report based on an easy-to-understand maturity scoring system.

Executive Briefing & Awareness Sessions

These sessions focus on enabling the Executive board to understand their threat landscape and rehearse how to respond in case of attack.

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Ransomware Tabletop Exercises

Test your organisation’s preparedness for & ability to respond to ransomware attacks.

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Operational Cyber Tabletop Exercises

These sessions focus on simulating an attack environment that would affect the business operations. They help the operations team understand their roles & responsibilities in case of an attack.

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Technical Cyber Crisis Tabletop Exercises

The technical CCTE workshop focusses on a technical attack scenario. It simulates an attack on the IT infrastructure & enables the IT team to understand how to respond to such an attack in a real-world scenario.

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Read what our clients have to say about working with us.

We pride ourselves on providing an exceptional service to our clients, but you don’t just have to take our word for it. Read what our clients have to say about working with us.

The content of the course and the expertise of the trainer was very good. Personally, I learned a lot and my team and I picked up a lot.

We also figured that there’s a lot more that needs to be done and we’ve been given ways to justify things that we need to have as part of our defence. Part of your material has also shown us how to convince our partners in other units, like infrastructure, to maximise existing tools and better use the tools to further protect the bank.

Roland Oscuro

CISO - Philippines National Bank

A really good session, the trainer is really knowledgeable and presents everything in a really understandable format that the participants really enjoyed. Quite a difficult subject to get over sometimes but I think he presented it really well. Nice mixture of technical knowledge and practical examples. Good for a very mixed audience as it wasn’t overly technical. 

A really good event and from an IT perspective, what I wanted to get out of it was engagement from the organisation. Everyone went away buzzing and quite keen to go to the next stage and build on this training. From my perspective, really good event. Highly recommend it." 

Wayne Parkes

Head of ICT - Warwickshire Police

I would like to give my feedback on the Cybersecurity Incident Response planning training given by Amar from Cyber Management Alliance. I was very, very excited to meet Amar since I had known him for a while. It was a very good opportunity and we learnt a lot and my team enjoyed the session.

I personally enjoyed the training, the content and how it was delivered. These two days were very good, very fruitful, very interesting and we also talked around this topic of Incident Planning and Response. I encourage everyone to follow this training. Also, a very good point is that the certification is recognised by the British Government and that's something very valuable.

Jean-Michel Briffaut

Rail OT Cybersecurity Manager - Serco Group Plc

Really brilliant course, thank you very much. Very informative. I have actually got a cyber incident response test next week and I have been preparing for this test for weeks.

So, this is going to really help and the checklist is going to be an absolute bonus. So, really impressive. Thank you very much, I have really enjoyed it.

Susan Horobin

Risk and Change Manager - Nottinghamshire County Council

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