Free GDPR Preparation Kit

Sample Notification Letters, Incidence Response Tools and More...

Get Ahead with Our Free GDPR Preparation Kit

Are you ready for the GDPR? It's the new million-dollar question, or should we say 4% of annual revenue or €20,000,000 question?

We at Cyber Management Alliance have developed a free GDPR preparation kit containing items such as:

  • Template emails and letters for sending to both data subject and supervisory authority in the event of a breach.
  • Breach registers to ensure you are documenting all instances of breach and remediation across your organisation.
  • GDPR fact sheets giving you the key points in the legislation without spending hours reading online materials.
  • A sample job advertisement for a Data Protection Officer, should you need one.
  • A sample data privacy impact assessment which you can use to assess your data processing systems for undue levels of risk.

Download our GDPR preparation kit today and jump ahead of your peers long before the May 2018 deadline.