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80,000 cyber attacks targeted Indian networks in 4 Days!

India’s secret submarine program were published online

Question: Can you swiftly Detect & Respond to Cyber Attacks

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Cyber attacks have become a staple mention in global risks landscapes with respected bodies like the World Economic forum, amongst others, consistently featuring cyber-attack threats in their annual reports. It is safe to propose that cybersecurity can no longer be ignored as a technical risk and instead, CEOs, business executives and boards of directors, who are in place to manage risk at the companies they govern, must consider cybersecurity as another form of risk.

What previous attendees from Banks and Governments say about this course. 
What attendees have to say about our trainer.

Our UK Government GCHQ Certified course will enable you to prepare a defined and managed approach when responding to a breach or attack of an information asset which affects the confidentiality, integrity or availability of your data. The Cyber Incident Planning & Response course content is intended for senior management and business executives who wish to gain a better understanding of incident response or are responsible for helping organizations plan and prepare for potential cyber threats and effectively deal with actual cyber attacks.

This is not a technical course therefore there are no prerequisites.

(ISC)2 Members receive 8 CPE's for attending this course.

Watch the course feedback video below to see what our previous attendees thought fo the course.  


What About the Techies - Don't They Know What To Do?

The technical team may know what to do however management will rarely know how to manage or deal with a cyber-incident. This Cyber Incident Response training program is focused to help managers and executives understand:

This course shares some of the most up to date methods of preparing and responding to cyber attacks. We introduce attendees to intelligence led testing, a combination of traditional penetration testing and threat intelligence that will equip attendees with the necessary knowledge to respond against state-of-the-art real world attacks on critical assets and improve and test your resilience to sophisticated cyber-attack scenarios.

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Delegates will Learn:

  • The latest techniques and insight on incident response.
  • Threat Intelligence led testing and response framework adopted by leading governments and institutions.
  • The business impacts of cyber breaches and real-world cyber attacks
  • Design an early warning system to lower discovery time from months to days Create actionable plans & checklists to use today.
  • Understand, define and baseline “Normal” within your organisation.
  • Stop up to 90% of all cyber attackers in their tracks and before they breach your critical data.
  • Design and implement a response framework and build an effective cyber response team.
  • Secrets of managing TV reporters and media journalists.
  • The “golden hour” and why it’s critical to managing an incident.
  • Threat intelligence and how to use this knowledge to create an effective incident plan.
  • Latest techniques in ZERO­Configuration SIEM and relevance to detecting anomalous behaviour.
  • Basic application of incident triage, OODA and the Diamond Methodology.
  • Deep dive into how cyber criminals use the Cyber Kill Chain attack methodology and how you can implement controls at various layers of the kill chain.  
  • Analyse recent attacks and learn how these attacks avoided detection.

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Government Of India & Tata Consultancy Chevening Scholars Talk About Our CEO And Trainer Amar Singh

Hear what our previous students and Chevening Scholars from Government of India & TATA Consultancy Services had to say when they were taught by Amar Singh in the United Kingdom at the UK Defence Academy. 



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Some of our recent Cyber Incident Planning & Response clients:



"Brilliant course with lots of good examples."
National Bank of Switzerland 

"The trainer is really knowledgeable and presents it in a really understandable format that the participants really enjoyed.  Nice mixture of technical knowledge and practical examples." 
Wayne Parks
Head of ICT Warwickshire Police, UK.

"Amar Singh brings a wealth of personal experience and knowledge"
Hariprasad Chede - President, ISACA UAE Chapter

"I wish all Senior Executives attend this course. It’s the most practical course I have ever attended. It teaches you not just how to understand but also how to respond to a Cyber Attack. "
K.S.Ramakrishnan; Chief Risk Officer; Rakbank, Dubai

"I personally can only strongly recommend it to anybody!"
Marcus Burkert - Manager Cyber Security at KPMG, Switzerland
"The course was excellent. Not the typical core text book training but giving valuable insights and experiences."
Youssef Karroum - Head of IT, Bank of Sharjah, UAE


The Attack & Response
- Attack strategies
- Threat attackers
- Motivation deep dive
- Incident analysis & forensics
Concepts, Methodologies & Techniques
- Detail Anatomy of an Attack
- Basic & Advanced Attacks
- Introduction to intelligence lead incident response
Cyber Incidents - Real Examples & Responses
- Cyber Incidents (real examples)
- The dynamics of a cyber incident
- Why Cyber is different than a regular incident
Intelligence Led Incident Response
- Detailed why and how
- Actionable Threat intelligence
- Demonstration of how to prepare for the upcoming attack
Incident Ops
- Integration operations into effective incident operations
- Its about the operations team managing expectations
- Skilling and training
The Checklist
- Creating/ adopting the checklist
- Incident management checklist
- Using the check list to beat the hackers!
People: Problem or Opportunity
- The Skills & Capabilities Matrix
- Manage & Document Response Processes
- Building the A,B & C teams
- More than just technology
- The integrated business approach
- Importance of Risk Management
- Public Relations

Meet the Trainer Amar Singh UK Government's GCHQ Certified - Best Cyber Mangemement Trainer

Amar Singh CRISC, CISSP, MoR has a long history and experience in data privacy and Information Security training. Amar Singh has served as CISO for various companies, including News International (now News UK), SABMiller, Gala Coral, Euromoney and Elsevier. Amar, amongst various other activities, is a Global Chief Information Security Officer and Trusted Advisor to a number of organisations including a FTSE 100 Firm and is Chair of the ISACA UK Security Advisory Groups. Amar also founded the not for profit Cyber Security service for charities Give01Day and is an Executive to the Board of the National MBA in Cyber Security.


Amar is communicative and articulate in business-speak, technically competent, and comfortable with both management and technical skills. Amar’s vast experience means he can understand the technical threats, risks and impacts facing organizations, while at the same time having the ability to effectively communicate and manage board-level challenges. Amar has managed all types of Security Assessments and readiness projects in preparation for all types of accreditations including PCI, SOX, IS0 27001, COBIT and risk management, audit, business continuity while being aware of TCP/IP, network security, secure software development, VPNs, mobile security, hacking techniques, database security, log management, access and authorization, email security and awareness of encryption algorithms. He has the ability and experience of dealing with auditors, both internal and external.

He is a visionary, a thinker, a leader, a doer and, importantly, an experienced hiker who has a vast network of Information Security managers that he can call upon for advice or collaborative work. A C-level executive who can both produce and then lead an organization’s cybersecurity strategy through internet’s malware and ransomware infested waters and ensure that the organization retains all its e-commerce and information completely intact before and after docking. Having the acumen, intelligence and business sense to represent the organization’s interests at executive board meetings and other business gatherings.

Amar has the highest integrity has been trusted by FTSE 100 companies with some of the most sensitive commercial information and has been involved with some highly sensitive forensic investigations.

He has the ability to deal with the techies and executives, and lead an organization’s information security direction. Apart from experience and abilities, Amar holds holds a number of industry recognised certifications, such as the ISO 27001 Certified ISMS Lead Implementer, MoR, CRISC and CISSP certification.

Amar is an industry acknowledged expert and public speaker and is regularly invited to speak and share his insights by some of the largest and most respected organisations in the world including The BBC, The Economist’s Intelligence Unit, The Financial Times, SC Magazine, InfoSec Magazine, Computer Weekly, The Register and the AlJazeera English Channel.


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  • testimonial_img.png
    I found the course to be very interesting. It not the usual bookish theoretical type of course it was quite interactive.
    Sanjay Khanna
    CIO, Rak Bank, Dubai
  • testimonial_img.png
    Amar Singh brings a wealth of personal
    experience and knowledge
    Hariprasad Chede
    President ISACA UAE
  • testimonial_img.png
    The course was excellent. Not the typical core text book training but giving valuable insights and experiences                             
    Youssef Karroum
    Head of IT, Bank of Sharjah, UAE
  • testimonial_img.png
    This was the most interesting and attractive courses I have ever attended. A lot of inside knowledge was shared.
    Saptorshi Datta
    Head of Audit,
    Emirate Global Aluminium, UAE
  • testimonial_img.png

    I wish all Senior Executives attend this course. It’s the most practical course I have ever attended. It teaches you not just how to understand but also how to respond to a Cyber Attack.                       


    Chief Risk Officer, Rak Bank, Dubai UAE

  • testimonial_img.png

    The information we learnt provoked plenty of conversation both around personal experiences with the challenges that I face in the business  and also backing up what was said in the course with real life examples.

    Aaron Townsend

    Head of Service Delivery,

    British Medical Journal

  • testimonial_img.png

    The training was very informative and well knowledgable and i would recommend this course to anyone who wishes to explore cyber security even further.

    Frank Manoharan

    IT Director,

    Christ the King Sixth Form Colleges London

  • testimonial_img.png

    It’s been a great two days of learning. We drilled down, we simplified how an incident should be detected and how an incident should be handled. One of the key learnings I have taken is define normal.

    Sanjoy John

    Paramount Computer Services,

    Dubai, UAE

  • testimonial_img.png

    The overall training was good, it was quite informative. I highly recommend this training session to at least the CXO level people because it is something very meaningful for them and it can be very beneficial for organisations

    Anuj Jain

    Trusted Security Advisor,

    Starlinks, Dubai UAE

  • testimonial_img.png

    Amar is a good mentor because he did more than just teaching. The checklist and mind maps are a really good part of the course.

    Vimal Rama

    IT Manager, HLB HAMT, Dubai UAE

  • testimonial_img.png

    Amar is an excellent tutor and mentor also. The key aspects of the training is interactive sessions. Everyone has shared their experiences. I gained much knowledge which will be useful for my day to day activities.

    BGK Vikram

    Manager Information Security Audit,

    RAK Bank, Dubai UAE

  • testimonial_img.png

    I really learnt a lot from this course as it was the first cyber security course I have been on. What I liked the most was the mind-mapping.

    Krishna Raghupati

    Paramount Computer Services,  Dubai UAE

  • testimonial_img.png

    recommend everyone to attend this course whether your business is at the beginning or whether you have already implemented some of the IT security procedures

    Bir Lama

    Network Engineer,

    Christ the King Sixth Form Colleges London

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