Why Cyber Essentials


Why Cyber Essentials & How Do I Prepare for Cyber Essentials? This Checklist answers both these fundamental cybersecurity questions.

Cyber Essentials can help you bolster your cyber security defences and become more resilient against cyber-attacks, if not prevent them altogether. 

Why Cyber Essentials? - A UK Government-backed Scheme, Cyber Essentials is an industry recognised security standard and an effective way to protect your organisation against the most common cyber risks and threats and show your overall commitment to cybersecurity. 

We’ve created this simple and free checklist that you can start using immediately. With our Cyber Essentials Checklist, you can better understand the importance of the certification and you can evaluate where your organisation stands with respect to the recommendations.  

Here’s what the checklist can help you with: 

  • Why Cyber Essentials? An understanding of what makes Cyber Essentials important and relevant.
  • A non-technical narrative to help business executives understand what the essence of cyber essentials is and how it relates to your organisation. 
  • A simple, analogy-based checklist that will help you determine your organisational preparedness against cyber attacks. 
  • How do I Prepare for Cyber Essentials? A few simple, key steps you can take today to become Cyber Essentials compliant. 
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Why Cyber Essentials?

Cyber Essentials has become a significant demonstration of a business’s commitment to its own cybersecurity and that of its partners and clients. 

Becoming Cyber Essentials-compliant shows that an organisation has the basic cyber safety measures in place and is committed to ensuring that its data and the sensitive information of its customers, partners and clients remains safe. 

Moreover, it has become critical to attracting new business and is often a mandatory requirement to secure government contracts. Any government contract where your business will be required to handle sensitive data will typically require a Cyber Essentials certification. Our Checklist helps you understand the importance of Cyber Essentials and answers the question 'Why Cyber Essentials?'. 

Cyber Essentials covers an essential set of cybersecurity controls that can help keep a business secure from the opportunist cyber criminal. 

Businesses can achieve two types of Cyber Essentials certification: 

  • Cyber Essentials: The Cyber Essentials Self-Assessment option helps you achieve a basic level of confidence in your cyber infrastructure. If you achieve the self-certification, you have some degree of faith in the fact that your organisation is protected against the most common threat actors and cybersecurity risks. 

    You can rest assured that your defences are adequate to prevent serious attacks and mitigate any damage if a cyber attack does occur.
  • Cyber Essentials Plus: Cyber Essentials Plus differs from the Self-Certification in that the former requires a hands-on technical verification. A qualified examiner will verify that the 5 basic security controls of Cyber Essentials work through a technical audit.

You can get a formal certification in Cyber Essentials or you can use the Self-Assessment option to create a plan of action for yourself and your business. The action plan will give you specific steps you can take to fulfil the Cyber Essentials requirements and enhance your readiness to respond to cyber attacks. 

Why Download our Cyber Essentials Checklist? 

We are often asked by clients, "How do I prepare for Cyber Essentials?'. Our Cyber Essentials checklist acts as the perfect first step as you begin your journey towards becoming certified. It not only helps you understand what the Cyber Essentials certificate will let you achieve, it’s also an easy blueprint to follow in order to meet the necessary requirements of the certification. 

The checklist can act as a guide for any business that wants to start putting good cybersecurity practices in place and create a healthy culture of cyber resilience in their organisations. In short, it answers the oft-asked question 'How Do I Prepare for Cyber Essentials?'. 

Before you embark upon a self-assessment or enlist the help of a professional to help you become compliant, you can use our Cyber Essentials Checklist to evaluate where you stand currently. You can get an idea of some quick hygiene measures you can put in place and improve your overall readiness for Cyber Essentials and against a cyber-attack. 

Cyber Essentials is a simple and straightforward method to achieving basic but essential cyber maturity. It ensures that businesses are capable of warding off common cyber criminals, threats and risks and enhancing their cyber resilience capabilities. 



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