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Download this free Cyber Security Tabletop Exercise PPT created by Experts


Cyber Management Alliance has conducted over 300 Cyber Attack Tabletop Exercises for clients across industries, around the world. We have now blended our world-leading expertise and deep experience to create this FREE Cyber Tabletop Exercise Template PPT for you. 

Customisable to your business and its specific needs, this Cyber Tabletop Exercise PowerPoint will help you make the most of your cyber attack tabletop exercises. With detailed notes, visual guidance, and expert tips on how to create your own realistic incident response scenarios, this Cyber Security Tabletop Exercise PPT has been meticulously crafted to ensure you get a true picture of your breach readiness. 

This free, downloadable Cyber Tabletop Exercise PPT offers the following immediate benefits: 

  • Introduces you to the concept of Cyber Attack Tabletop Exercises and the right approach to take for conducting your own.
  • Gives you actionable strategies to prepare against cyber threats with an effective mock cybersecurity drill. 
  • Shows you how to boost inter-departmental collaboration and communication to create a cohesive response strategy for times of cyber crisis.
  • Designed by the leading global cyber tabletop exercise facilitator to aid you and your team in practising incident response through realistic scenarios, bolstering your overall cyber resilience.

** GDPR ** We wholeheartedly believe your and our rights to privacy and in the GDPR. The bottom of the page explains how we use your data. 

  • Align with the GDPR requirements.
  • Increase your Breach Readiness.
  • Reduce your time to detect and respond.

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