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Download this free NIST Incident Response Playbook Template


Looking to create a NIST-based Incident Response Playbook for your organisation? Don't know where to start? Look no further than our FREE, downloadable and easy-to-customise NIST Incident Response Playbook Template. 

Created by the experts behind the UK's NCSC Assured Training in Building and Optimising Incident Response Playbooks, this template contains all the key elements of a good IR Playbook. All you have to do is download it and customise it to your organisational threat context.  

Using this Cyber Incident Response Playbook Template can help you significantly to fortify your defence against cyber threats.

 The template offers: 

  • A well-structured and tested approach to managing cyber incidents.
  • Highlights the best practices that must feature in your own Incident Response Playbook. 
  • A validated strategy to help you achieve a more consistent and coordinated approach for your response to cyber-attacks. 
  • An in-depth view of how to use Scenario Triggers, how to Prepare for Scenarios, Applicability of the Playbook and Response Actions. 
  • Protocols for incident detection, assessment, containment, eradication, and recovery, along with clear roles and responsibilities for the Incident Response team and associated stakeholders. 

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  • Align with the GDPR requirements.
  • Increase your Breach Readiness.
  • Reduce your time to detect and respond.

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Why Do You Need An Incident Response Playbook Template? 

A NIST Incident Response Playbook Template is a strategic framework designed to guide you in effectively handling cybersecurity incidents, in accordance with the standards set by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

This template provides a structured approach for responding to various cyber threats, outlining specific actions and procedures based on NIST's best practices and guidelines. Besides showing you how to use the Playbook, when to implement it and what actions to take, the playbook also emphasizes the importance of communication during an incident, both internally and with external stakeholders.

It is designed to be adaptable, allowing you to customise it to your specific needs and threat landscape. By using this NIST Incident Response Playbook Template, you can ensure a thorough and consistent response to cyber incidents, thereby minimising their impact and enhancing overall cybersecurity resilience.

How to Use This NIST Incident Response Playbook Template? 

To make the most of this NIST Incident Response Playbook Template, here are some recommended steps you can take: 

1. Thoroughly review the template to understand its structure and the baseline procedures it proposes. 
2. Adapt the template to align with your organisation’s unique IT infrastructure, regulatory requirements, and risk profile. 
3. Take a close look at the specified roles and responsibilities and tailor them to your team’s capabilities.
4. Review and adjust the communication plans for internal and external stakeholders, and integrate specific tools and technologies used by your organisation. 
5. Regularly update your Incident Response Playbook, incorporating lessons learned from past incidents and evolving cyber threat intelligence. 
6. Conduct training sessions and cyber tabletop exercises to ensure your team is completely familiar with the procedures and can execute them efficiently during a real incident. 

This proactive approach ensures that you're able to customise this NIST Incident Response Playbook template effectively to your organisational context. It will also ensure that the playbook remains a dynamic, relevant tool in your organisation's cybersecurity strategy. 

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