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Our Data Breach or Cyber Incident Response Checklist will help you prepare and plan a defined response to a cyber attack or data breach.  This Cyber Incident Response checklist points out the key considerations for creating an effective cyber incident response plan. 

Based on our UK Government's National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) Assured Cyber Incident Planning and Response training and the NIST Incident Response Framework,  this checklist takes you through the key steps to undertake for improved response to cyber attacks and ransomware attacks. 

Here are some immediate benefits of downloading this checklist: 

  • Shows you how to build a robust, tailored cyber incident response plan for your organisation to safeguard your business from cyber threats. 
  • Guides you through the key components of the NIST Cyber Incident Response Framework. 
  • Allows you to explore the best practices for crafting efficient incident response procedures that align with your business operations, critical assets and key objectives. 
  • Improves your cybersecurity readiness and seeks to enhance your incident response capabilities. 


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Why Should You Download our Cyber Incident Response Plan Checklist?

An effective Cyber Incident Response Plan is absolutely critical to your business continuity and resilience capabilities in the midst of a cyber-attack. We have created this free, downloadable Cyber Incident Response Plan Checklist that helps you uncover comprehensive strategies to create your own Incident Response Plan and stay ahead of cyber criminals. 

It offers a step-wise guide based on the NIST Incident Response Checklist that you can immediately implement to improve your cybersecurity posture. Some of the key topics that this Security Incident Response Checklist contains include: 

1. The Planning and Preparation Stage: Critical steps that you must undertake in the planning stage of your Incident Response Lifecycle. From creating a Threat Actor Library, identifying your Crown Jewels to defining policy violations and charting out clear Escalation Paths. This incident response checklist contains several nuggets of extremely valuable information and steps that often get overlooked in the planning stage. 

2. Identification and Classification: An important stage in shaping the effectiveness of your incident response. The checklist offers you a list of important actions you must adopt to recognize anomalies and categorize incidents correctly based on their nature and severity to facilitate an appropriate response.

3. Containment, Eradication and Recovery: Perhaps, the most defining step in an Incident Response Plan. This checklist shows you how to get it right with a few critical steps. It also contains guidance on how to achieve assurance that you're on the path to recovery after a cybersecurity incident. 

4. Lessons Learned & Continuous Improvement: This is a step in which many a business falters. It's not always easy to know if you've covered all important aspects of this step of Incident Response Planning. That's why our checklist is important to refer to when trying to improve future response to cyber-attacks.  

5. Communication: Crisis Management is perhaps most dependent on effective communication with all important stakeholders. Our Cyber Incident Response Plan Checklist shows you what parts can absolutely not be overlooked or ignored.

6. Compliance: Compliance in a Cyber Incident Response Plan is not merely a legal formality but a strategic component of corporate governance and reputation management. However, in the heat of a cyber-attack, very important aspects of compliance can often be missed out on. This checklist will help you ensure that this doesn't happen to you as noncompliance can be costly and damaging.  


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Download our Cyber Incident Response Checklist Today

Cyber Incident Response Checklist