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The scourge of ransomware is on the rise and as recent attacks, such as those on Colonial Pipeline in the United States and the Travelex ransomware attack in the UK have shown, nobody is safe from this massive cyber security issue.

As per some estimates, every 15 seconds a business entity somewhere in the world is being hit by some type of ransomware. Have you thought about what you’re going to do when you’re hit by a ransomware attack? Our Ransomware Download can help you when you're in the line of fire!

Download our FREE, PRINTABLE ransomware response guide and start using it immediately to be one step ahead of the criminals. Here’s what the workflow is all about: 

  • Clear, visual guideline on how to react and respond when attacked 
  • Downloadable, printable ransomware response guide that your IT team should ideally have in front of them at all times 
  • A zero-fluff approach to ransomware attacks and what you need to do immediately after you’ve been hit 
  • Expert advice on whom to communicate with, how, what to review, whom to inform and more
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What is the Ransomware Response Guide & Why Do you Need it to Respond to a Ransomware Attack?

This Ransomware download or Ransomware Attack Response Guide is the perfect first guide to look at after taking a deep breath in case you’ve been attacked. It tells you what basic steps to take that can help you mitigate damage.

Since you’re on this page, you are probably well-aware of what ransomware is and how damaging it can be to business continuity and bottomline. Yet, if one has to explain the meaning of ransomware in simple words, it is basically a malicious software that blocks access to your own data and encrypts files.

The hacker threatens to steal data and leak it and obviously demands a ransom. You won’t get access to the encrypted data until a ransom is paid. Sadly, there is no guarantee that you’ll get access even after making the payment.

Ransomware Download: How to prevent ransomware infection in your information systems?

There’s a lot that can be done to prevent sophisticated ransomware attacks from bringing your business to a halt. While ransomware prevention technologies such as End Point Detection & Response (EDR), Content Destruction & Reconstruction (CDR) and High Quality Threat Intelligence play a vital role here, we mustn’t forget that a majority of ransomware attacks succeed because of access to privileged credentials.

This means that the human element is extremely critical in preventing ransomware attacks and they must, therefore, be trained and oriented correctly if ransomware attacks, or any cyber-attacks for that matter, have to be prevented.

Do backups prevent ransomware attacks?

Sure they do. Backups and innovative recovery technologies can play a huge role in securing your organisation against different forms of malware but make sure that they don’t lead to a false sense of security. A ransomware assessment is a good idea if you want to truly measure your breach readiness. You may also like to check out Ransomware Checklist to assess where exactly you stand. 

All said and done, while you can try your best to make the wisest technology investments, buy the best security software and manage your privileged users, the sad truth is that you’ll probably still get attacked at some point in your business lifetime.

No, there’s no fear mongering here - just the hard truth and a viable discussion on how to deal with it.

The only and best protection against a ransomware attack (or any other kind of malicious cyber attack) is preparation.

Your core IT, Security & Management team has to digest the fact that your organisation could be the next victim of a ransomware attack and you must all be on the same page regarding the next steps. You should already have had multiple discussions on whether you’ll pay a ransom and if you do, under what circumstances will you do so. We have additional resources available to help you answer the question - should you pay the ransom?

Once you have your ransomware response plans and checklists in order, it is also imperative to practise and rehearse these checklists with the key stakeholders in a crisis. This is why ransomware tabletop exercises are extremely crucial today. Read our blog to know why ransomware tabletop scenario workshops are so critical going forward. 

Additionally, we’ve curated this FREE, crisp and to-the-point ransomware attack response workflow that will help you when you’re actually under attack. This free resource is also of great help when training your team for how to respond to a ransomware attack. You can also check out our Ransomware Response Checklist which goes into greater detail of how to respond to a ransomware attack. 


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