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Are you under a ransomware attack? Don’t panic. Download our FREE Ransomware Incident Response Checklist and control the damage! 

This FREE, PRINTABLE Ransomware Attack Response Checklist is a great resource to keep handy for top-of-the-mind recall of all essential steps to take in the first few minutes after being attacked. It tells you all the quick, key steps you can take and how to respond to a ransomware attack. 

This Ransomware Incident Response Checklist has helped many clients in the midst of a ransomware attack. The Ransomware Attack Response Checklist is: 

  • Brief and to-the-point. It cuts out all the fluff and jumps straight to the point - how to respond to ransomware.
  • Curated by Cyber Management Alliance’s cyber security experts who've helped several businesses across the globe deal with various types of malware and different forms of ransomware infection over the years.
  • Business-focussed. It’s specifically targeted at non-technical audiences. It focuses on what business executives should do - what questions to ask, which law enforcement agencies to contact, how to deal with the media.
  • Creates clarity of thought. If you’ve been hit by ransomware, chances are that criminals have already made demands for a ransom. 
    So what should you do? Should you make the ransom payment? Should you negotiate with the criminals? 
    This Ransomware Attack Response Checklist encourages you to delve into all such vital questions.
  • A great starting point for when you’re beginning to prepare against various types of ransomware attacks. 
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What is a Ransomware Incident Response Checklist & Why Do You Need One to Respond to a Ransomware Attack?  

The minutes after you’ve been hit by a ransomware attack (or any cyber attack, for that matter) are crucial. How you respond to the ransomware infection can play a huge role in how the attack affects your organisation and business continuity. 

Unfortunately, though, thinking straight and calmly about what to do in the Ransomware Golden Hour can be a huge challenge for most. 

It’s not easy to make rational decisions in real time and take the best and most effective steps when there’s panic and chaos everywhere - when systems have been compromised and you can’t gain access to your own data. 

A Ransomware Response Checklist, then, is an extremely valuable tool that tells you what to do in clear, simple language. It shows you how to respond to ransomware effectively. It helps you think rationally and practically when it’s difficult for you to do so on your own. It’s a crisp and to-the-point document that you can refer to in the high stress situation of a ransomware attack. 

Following the checklist is very likely to help you protect your sensitive information and computer networks from irrevocable damage. This is the main reason why every business needs this Ransomware Attack Response Checklist. You can also check out our Ransomware Response Workflow if you're looking for a handy visual guide. 

Don't forget to download our Ransomware Checklist to make sure you've done everything you can to prevent ransomware attacks. 

Your Ransomware Attack Response Checklist to Follow in the Midst of a Ransomware Attack

The truth of the global information security ecosystem is that no matter what security controls you’ve put in place or which endpoint security solutions you have invested in, the chances of your business being attacked are EXTREMELY high. Sensitive data is the new gold and criminals are out to attack it.   

Whatever be the form of malware you’ve been compromised by, a few themes run common in every ransomware attack situation: 

  • Encrypted data on victim computers 
  • Criminals demanding payment to let you gain access again
  • Confusions and debates about whether to pay the ransom 

The Ransomware Golden Hour Checklist covers all these key themes in a quick and easy to read template. There’s no excessive information, no purple prose - just straightforward guidance on how to respond to ransomware.

Download and print our Ransomware Incident Response Checklist. Keep it handy in an easy-to-spot location so that you can refer to it if you are ever in the midst of a ransomware attack.

You might also want to test your executives' understanding of the checklist and their incident response roles and responsibilities through our Ransomware Tabletop Exercises.  Every organisation serious about its resilience in the face of ransomware attacks in investing in ransomware tabletop scenario exercises. Many are also opting to start their journey towards building ransomware responsiveness with our Ransomware Assessment.  


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