Mimecast 100 Days of Threat Intelligence

Our new ways of working create new risks

This report reviews Mimecast’s detection data at various layers during the first 100-day period of coronavirus (COVID-19), commencing from the beginning of January 2020.  A week by week analysis of the evolving threat landscape and attack vectors.  The report will breaks down the period into an easily digestible weekly review of detections.

The report reviews the findings of the various weekly detection outputs and gives a broad summary of the activity seen over the period of analysis. Where identified, recommendations will be detailed to aid the mitigation of the threats identified and these are summarized in a later section of this report with the addition of other recommendations considered of importance given the current situation and the ongoing pandemic.

This report includes:

  • Key Events of the Pandemic
  • The Threat Landscape & Email Attack Vectors – Weekly Activity
  • Spam Detections - Impersonation Detections - Malware Detections - Blocked URL Click Detections
  • Malicious Emails - Examples
  • Web Campaigns
  • Common Vulnerabilities
  • Which Technologies Are of Most Concern?
  • Geopolitical Outlook
  • Recommendations
  • Advisories issued

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