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Cyber Security Gap Assessment

Recognising Cybersecurity Strengths & Identifying areas of Improvement



What is A Cyber Security Gap Assessment?

A Security Gap Assessment or Security Gap Analysis is the process of evaluating your organisation's current security posture and security framework. It involves identifying areas where improvements can be made in security management and risk management. The goal of a security gap assessment is to identify vulnerabilities and potential threats, and to determine if the organisation has adequate security measures in place to deal with them. 

Some of the steps involved in this gap analysis service include: 

  • Gathering information on your current information security posture.
  • Evaluating your cyber security strategy.
  • Identifying your critical assets such as  networks, systems, and data.
  • Assessing the overall cyber risk and security risks.
  • Recommendations on security controls, processes and procedures. 
Security Gap Assessment

Why Do You Need A Security Gap Assessment?

Most organisations continue to invest in technology and services to reduce their risk exposure.  However, it is common for businesses to direct investment and select controls that have little or no material impact on reducing the threats posed by cyber attackers.  

Often, these “next generation” technologies are procured as a result of media scaremongering or vendor misdirection, and over emphasis on their specific technologies.

An effective Security Gap Assessment carried out by external third-party cybersecurity specialists can help you break the clutter and focus your energies on things that really matter - reducing your organisational risk & making you capable of bouncing back after an attack. 

You want to understand what exactly the gaps in your current cyber security posture are.

You want guidance on how to plug those gaps and strengthen your security defences.

You have a fair degree of confidence in your existing cyber security posture and want to ensure that it remains robust.

You want assurance that your security policies & processes are relevant & effective in the current threat landscape.

You’re committed to regularly identifying and mitigating any new vulnerabilities or threats to your business.

You wish to demonstrate your organisational commitment to cyber security to your board, investors, partners, clients etc.

Security & Compliance Domains in which we conduct the Gap Assessment

1. ISO 27001:2013


3. Cyber Essentials & Cyber Essentials Plus

4. Cyber Incident Response

5. Cyber Crisis Management


What Do We Do in the Gap Analysis?

CM-Alliance’s unique Security Gap Assessments, also often called cybersecurity maturity assessments, are carried out by our leading team of cyber security experts. 

They help you swiftly summarise the following and get a high level view of: 
  • Your cyber security investments to date.
  • Your areas of strength and domain practices 
  • Vulnerable or weak controls that need to be remedied immediately
  • Weaknesses in your compliance against industry standards such as PCI-DSS, ISO 27001:2013 and other HMRC frameworks.
After the analysis, we publish a report that details the findings of our gap analysis and helps you build a roadmap for improving your cybersecurity posture. 
Client Feedback

Listen to what our clients have to say about our consultancy services

"In order for BMJ to the right way forward we looked for a VCISO to advise us on the right way to do things and give us expertise. We went to Cyber Management Alliance and it's been about a year now and we ran workshops, looked at our response to incidents, created the incident response plan and we are in a position now where we understand our way forward. Our VCISO keeps us on our toes and overall it's been a very effective way of delivering expertise into the organisation that we wouldn't have normally had."

Aaron Townsend, Service Delivery Manager, British Medical Journal  



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