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Trusted Data Privacy & Cyber Security Consultancy Services

The unstoppable growth of cyber crime means businesses of all sizes need to rethink their approach to the security of their sites and data. You may think you’re ‘too big’ to be hit by a computer hacker but after the NHS attacks – think again.

You may think you’re too small to be of interest but it’s exactly these smaller businesses, with less-stringent security measures, that fall prey to hackers. At best, a hacker may use your site as a ‘mule’ to send out spam. At worst, they use their skills to gain access to your bank account, or to steal your ideas.


Did you know – 60% of small businesses never recover after a serious cyber attack?

Can you afford to be one of them?

Our primary focus is to help build cyber resilient businesses that can not only protect themselves in cyberspace, but also swiftly recover and resume business operations when attacked.  

We achieve this by:

  • Helping businesses identify critical and data assets.
  • Conducting risk assessments. 
  • Helping establish effective and appropriate controls.
  • Helping to create an effective incident response plan.
  • Training all staff.


Trusted Cyber Security Consultancy



Building Cyber Resilient Businesses.

One Business at a Time.

We offer jargon-free, straightforward advice and services to small businesses.

All cyber security consultancy services are available without the need of a fixed-term contract and include any or all of the following:

  • Discussion of your needs and recommendations to remedy them.
  • Staff Training. If you (or your staff) would like to undergo a security training programme in order to develop a tighter security culture, our information security manager can organise that.
  • Future Security Strategy Planning. We can also assist in the development of a clear strategy for your company, going forward.
  • Provision of a virtual Chief Information Security Officer. A perfect way for those employees tasked with security to stay engaged with their team, without the cost of hiring a full-time security employee.
  • Provision of virtual Data Protection Officer.
  • GAP Assessment for ISO 27001. An information security standard that shows clients you take your cyber security seriously!
  • Penetration TestingBest practice security tests conducted by our CREST-Certified testers. 


As well the above, we also offer various training and assesments

Cyber Management Alliance Ltd (CMA) offers expert advisory services from a cyber security consultant or data privacy officer, according to your needs.


 What People Say

“Amar and the team at Cyber Management Alliance have been a huge help in getting our firm positioned to deal with cyber security risk.  Having opened our eyes to the variety and scale of challenges we face, and the potential financial consequences, they worked closely with us to improve our infrastructure, processes and understanding to embed cyber awareness into the firm.  Their invaluable experience has guided us to the point where we should receive ISO27001 accreditation in the coming weeks – a key stamp of approval that lets clients know we take these risks very seriously.”

James C - CEO, UK Hedge Fund


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