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Cybersecurity Consultancy

Bolster your cyber defences with top-tier cybersecurity consultancy services that match your organisational requirements

Why do you need Cybersecurity Consultancy? 

Cybersecurity Consultancy is CRITICAL to keeping your organisation protected against the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape.

Organisations across geographies and sectors need to assess their cyber security requirements carefully and have their cyber defences in order, besides looking at ways of constantly building on their infrastructure, the skills of their people and making their policies & procedures as foolproof as possible.

High-quality Cybersecurity Consultancy can help you achieve that. External cybersecurity experts can provide an objective and detailed view of your existing cybersecurity posture and the gaps that currently exist in it. Our highly experienced consultants can then help you plug those gaps with the right audits and assessments, a review of your existing Cyber Incident Response Plans, Procedures and Processes, targetted employee training and improved cybersecurity strategy. They can also help you achieve regulatory compliance and meet cybersecurity standards that demonstrate your commitment to the security of your business and customer data, and help you avoid regulatory fines and penalties.   


A complete Suite of World-Class Cyber Security Consultancy Services

We offer three different types of cybersecurity consultancy services; Choose the one that suits your needs!

Cyber Management Alliance has taken the existing approach to consultancy and applied its innovative logic to ensure the best value proposition for all types of organisations in their varying levels of cyber maturity and cyber security awareness. We have created three types of cybersecurity consulting services that cater to all types and sizes of organisations, including large multinationals, start-ups and  medium-sized to small businesses.  

These are: 

More information on each of these services and which one might be right for you is available in the next few sections. 

Our Cyber Consulting Services

Virtual CISO (vCISO)

This is a hands-on, full support service for organisations that need access to a highly experienced cybersecurity, governance, risk and compliance professional. This service is ideal for those businesses that need access to high-quality cybersecurity advisory & CISO services but either don't have the budget or the requirement for a full-time CISO. At a fraction of the cost of hiring a traditional CISO, you get access to all the expertise, technological guidance & advisory and more. Our vCISOs are specialists in engaging with and presenting to a range of senior executives, board members & non-technical senior staff. Having our vCISO on board enables greater engagement of top management with cybersecurity. 

Virtual Cyber Consultant

The VCC service is also asynchronous and remote like the VCA but it's a cost-effective, full service consultancy offering. The VCC service is right for you if you have immediate requirements in cybersecurity, governance, risk  and compliance that they need to be fulfilled in a short span of time. This service provides you with access to expert cybersecurity professionals with extensive cross-industry knowledge. You will benefit from the consistent support of a seasoned Security Consultant, accessible through Zoom calls. You can choose from 4 Service Tiers (Silver, Gold, Platinum & Platinum+), 300+ Services & flexible payment options to make a choice that's absolutely fit for your business.

Virtual Cyber Assistant

This is a unique, affordable, subscription-based service best suited for small to medium organisations. It is a fully remote, asynchronous service. Without paying exorbitant fees of traditional consultancies, you can achieve your cybersecurity maturity goals, bolster your cyber resilience and have your cybersecurity artefacts professionally reviewed. The VCA Service offers 280+ services within 15 major cybersecurity domains. You can also choose from our readymade packages such as Cyber Essentials, ISO 27001, BCP & more. The VCA Service is accessible through 4 different Service Tiers that offer varying benefits.

Which Service is Right For You?

  • Select the Virtual CISO Service if you need to fill in the CISO role in your organisation but the current skills shortage is making it difficult. Alternatively, if you don't have the budget or the requirement to hire a full-time CISO, you can save costs significantly by opting for this service. The vCISO service gives you access to top-tier cybersecurity expertise in a highly cost-effective package. You get all the benefits of having a CISO in your team minus the exorbitant costs of hiring one. The vCISO will  understand the organisational context and create artefacts,  review your compliance with international standards and guidelines. The vCISO will also assist in driving information security initiatives such as underlining the importance of cyber security in business to the board/senior management etc.

  • Choose the Virtual Cyber Consultant service if (a) you are looking to improve your organisation’s cybersecurity maturity rapidly or (b) have immediate requirements in cybersecurity, governance, risk  and compliance that need to be fulfilled in a short span of time. This is a remote but full-service consultancy. Like the VCA service, this one too comes up with 4 different service tiers. However, if you have an urgent requirement, you can use all your allocated consultancy hours in one go. 

  • Opt for Virtual Cyber Assistant Services if you require on-demand support to improve your cybersecurity maturity or meet immediate regulatory or contractual requirements. Since this service is subscription-based and asynchronous, it is best suited for those organisations that want to maintain flexibility in how they access cybersecurity services. It's perfect if you want to enhance your cyber resilience over time and gradually establish a healthier cybersecurity posture.  

TRUSTED ADVISORY vs vCISO & Virtual Cyber Security Consultant

What's the difference between the three services?


Service Category

Trusted Advisory


Policies & Processes

Advice & guidance on Cyber Resilience, Privacy, Policies & Strategy

Review, refresh & create cybersecurity artefacts including policies & processes


Review and opine on artefacts (policies etc.) Act as a critical friend

Certify-ready organisation including but not limited to ISO 27001:2013, BCP 22301, Cyber Essentials and others

Support & Assistance

Crisis Management Support during an incident. Represent organisations to regulators and auditors

Help prepare organisations for specific audits and assessments. Build internal capability in Cybersecurity, Cyber Resilience & Incident Response

Cybersecurity Capabilities

Oversee and manage existing capabilities/manage ISMS

Align the organisation & related artefacts against a selected standard (ex: ISMS)

Experienced cybersecurity consultants make all the difference

Quality Cyber Security Consultancy Services are the key to Organisations Surviving & Thriving in Cyberspace

You may think you’re ‘too big’ or 'too small' to be hit by a computer hacker – think again. Everyone's fair game. Before you throw money at technology solutions or hire a cybersecurity consultant, read our advice on how to select a cybersecurity consultancy and how to ensure they deliver to your requirements.

Where do you find professional cybersecurity consultants?

What should be your KEY requirements when hiring a cybersecurity consultancy firm?

Why Most Cybersecurity Consultancies will drain your budget without delivering any tangible cybersecurity improvements?

You must do this before you hire any cybersecurity consultancy firm.

5 reasons why you shouln't hire an independent contractor as your cybersecurity consultant

What should be your KEY requirements when hiring a cybersecurity consulting firm?

How does the vCISO approach compare to the traditional Cybersecurity Consultancy model?

Selecting the best cybersecurity consultancy for your organisation's cybersecurity success

When should you hire expensive cybersecurity consultants from the Big 5 consultancies?

Most Cybersecurity Consultancies neglect this important point when delivering cybersecurity services

How to define your requirements when hiring a cybersecurity consulting firm?

Why are Cybersecurity Consulting firms unable to deliver satisfactory cybersecurity services?

Should you look to Cybersecurity Consultants for advice on GDPR?

The 5 most important traits to look out for in a Cybersecurity Consultant

Quality Cybersecurity Consultancy is the key to Organisations Surviving & Thriving in Cyberspace

Professional & experienced cybersecurity consultants are the key.

Here are some key guidance points to consider before you hire a cybersecurity consultancy...

Why Independent Contractors are not the right type of Cybersecurity Consultant

Independent contractors are a cost saving option for many different tasks. However, when looking for a good, trustworthy cyber consulting firm you should reconsider  hiring an independent contractor as your cybersecurity consultant. 

They are independent cybersecurity consultants and in most cases operate alone as a one person company. They decide to close shop or find permanent employment, you are on your own.  

Yes you can sue them, but you are suing an individual. Regardless if you win or lose, the fact is that you may never get the services promised.

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What should be your KEY requirements when hiring a cybersecurity consultancy UK based firm?

The number of cybersecurity consultancies probably matches the number of stars in the galaxy. That comparison may be a stretch but it makes a point.  

You must know what your information security consulting requirements are and what you really want from the consultancy before you go to the market. 

  • Don't just go to the Big 5 (as they are commonly called) for your consultancy work. 
  • Define the outcome with both technical and management teams. 
  • Involve the techies equally. Often the techies are ignored and this can cause long-term resentment

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How does the vCISO approach compare to the traditional Cybersecurity Consultancy UK model?

The Virtual CISO model, especially from Cyber Management Alliance, has one primary objective - that of delivery of excellent quality of services in as little time as possible. 

To that extent, the CM-Alliance model is based primarily on the number of days a client would require along with the exact deliverables that the client would need. 

The traditional and archaic consultancies are often aiming for LONG residencies with the client and tend to over complicate the solution offerings. 

At CM-Alliance, we have simplified our vCISO model and our overall Cyber Security Advisory Services for the non-technical buyer. 

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Selecting the Best Cybersecurity Consultancy for your Organisation's Cybersecurity Success

The Cybersecurity Consultancy field is highly overcrowded with one-person consultancies all the way to the 'Big 5' firms.  The challenge to the buyer is selecting the best provider for their needs. Here are some practical tips:

  • Look for Sincerity: Not an easy analysis, but try to ascertain if the sales person is selling you a ship when all you need is a rowing boat.

  • Speak to the Owner: Not always possible, but a good idea, especially if you are about to spend big. Have a final word with the Cybersecurity Consultancy's owner. 

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When should you hire expensive cybersecurity consultants from the 'Big 5' consultancies?

There will be times you need the services from the bigger and more complicated cybersecurity consultancies. They are often referred to as the 'Big 5'.  Here are some situations when you should consider them:

  • Highly Complicated Transformation Project: It's time to call the Big 5 as they have the wherewithal and the large number of staff needed in this case.

  • Highly Political Office Environment: Some office environments can be highly toxic and consequently job security is often a primary concern. Consider hiring the Big 5 - there is an unsubstantiated saying that 'No one's ever been fired for hiring the Big 5'.  

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Most Cybersecurity Consultancies neglect this important point when delivering cybsecurity services

Cybersecurity is a highly complex domain consisting of hundreds of micro topics, subdomains and more. The US NIST has done a good job and creates 5 'buckets' namely, Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond & Recover. 

The problem lies with the fact that a majority of professionals, not just in cybersecurity, think that complexity is mastery. Their objective is to overwhelm the client with buzzwords and acronyms. Look out for Information Security Consulting service providers who simplify, instead of complicate, cybersecurity for you. 

Amar Singh, our CEO, paraphrases a famous quote and says:

"It takes courage & talent to simplify cybersecurity and that's what we do at Cyber Management Alliance Ltd."

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How should you define your requirements when hiring a cybersecurity consulting firm?

Missing or badly defined requirements are one of the biggest reasons why cybersecurity consultancies fail to deliver the client's ask. 

A good cybersecurity consultancy should work with you (ideally without charging you) to help define your requirements. 

For example, we want to get ISO 27001  or Cyber Essentials certified is fine as a high level summary requirement but underneath that you must take some effort and write up what exactly that means for you.  

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Why are Cybersecurity Consulting firms unable to deliver satisfactory cybersecurity services?

In addition to the issue with ill-defined requirements, consultancies themselves face challenges in delivering services to client satisfaction.  Two of the many reasons are: 

  • Insufficient skilled staff: This is a global problem plaguing almost every organisation and cybersecurity consultancies are not spared this challenge. 

  • The second and related challenge is that of staff retention. The highly skilled staff are often tempted away with higher salaries leaving the previous hirer back to square one. 

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Should you look to cybersecurity consultants for advice on GDPR?

GDPR readiness is absolutely essential for businesses who either operate in the EU or work with/process personal data of EU citizens in any way.

Non-compliance with GDPR can cost your business heavily in monetary and reputational terms.

This is why it is a good idea to hire an experienced cybersecurity consultancy to help you become GDPR compliant. However, you need to make sure you only hire a consultancy which has deep experience with GDPR.

The right GDPR consultant can help assess your business's compliance towards GDPR and give you a holistic view of what you can do to make sure your organisation is fulfilling all data privacy and security requirements.

The 5 most important traits to look out for in a cybersecurity consultancy

This list can actually be endless, but here are 5 key points that, in our opinion, you must look out for before hiring a cybersecurity consultant:

  1. Deep, diverse cross-industry experience & expertise.
  2. People Skills: Essential as the consultant may have to help you get business buy-ins & may also have to represent you in front of regulators.
  3. Sincerity: Must be willing to help you out with the least complicated contract & terms of association.
  4. Flexibility: Should work with you on defining requirements even before you start working together.
  5. Make sure they’re backed by a trustworthy & renowned consultancy. This adds an element of stability for you & ensures that they have greater accountability.
Virtual Cyber Consultant Service

300+ Services across 15 Service Domains

Based on our professional experience & market needs, we have reduced the complex world of cyber into 15 simple domains. Each Service Domain has associated services and activities. We can support you in one or more domains.  

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