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  • testimonial_img.png

    Its a great pleasure to be working with Cyber Management Alliance. Very intellectually challenging and always well organised.


    Kirill Slavin

    Managing Director
    Kasperky Labs

  • testimonial_img.png

    The best thing in the workshop is the table-top exercise that we have done. Everyone is from different industries so they have different thought processes and different responses. It was an amazing course - I strongly recommend it for everyone. 


    Hariprasad Chede

  • testimonial_img.png

     I found great value in gaining a great insight into finding new ways to respond to certain threats and scenarios. 

    Sandro Bucchianeri

    Group CSO - National Bank of Abu Dhabi

  • testimonial_img.png

    Today I spent a wonderful day with cyber management alliance and it was really nice to meet the super professional people who organise all this incredible meeting.

    Sergey Golovanov
    Kaspersky Labs

  • testimonial_img.png

    I really enjoyed the training part of it which was focusing on threat intelligence and the latest APTs in the region. 

    Amr Mohamed Gaber
    CISO - Dubai Media Incorporation

  • testimonial_img.png

    I really enjoyed the event and it was very useful. I will benefit from it. 

    Mohamed Zeavudeen 
    Head of Information Security
    Dubai World Trade Centre

  • testimonial_img.png

    It was a great show - I really loved it. 

    Shakeel Sagarwala
    Group CISO - Habib Bank Dubai

  • testimonial_img.png

    I think it was really useful to talk to other CISO’s and ask them how they position themselves against the board members. So I think it was really useful - it was really good to have this exchange

    Carlo Hopstaken

  • testimonial_img.png

    This talk was really interesting and really interactive. It's much more interesting to participate in such events rather than just listening. 

    Roberto Alvarez
    Cyber Security Analyst
    Apple Inc.

  • testimonial_img.png
    It has been a wonderful event. I have seen many CTOs come in, which i didn’t expect. Almost 30 banks showed up not only that but the ICT minister - they all showed their interest. 
    Samira Himika
    Bangladesh Association for Software and Information Service