Cybersecurity Training Courses

Providing GCHQ-Certified Training Courses

We have trained over 250 organisations including:

NCSC-Certified Cyber Incident Planning & Response Training Course

Cyber Incident Planning & Response (CIPR) is CMA’s flagship cybersecurity training course that has gained significant praise from its students. It is available as a one-day public course, self-paced, live online instructor-led or a  two-day non-technical and interactive workshop tailored for the mid-to-senior management and executives.

CIPR Cybersecurity Course Covers:

  • Creating a Blueprint for a digital resilient business in cyberspace.
  • Creating and implementing an organisation-wide data breach response strategy.
  • Creating actionable plans, checklists, playbooks and policies.
  • Increasing compliance with breach-notification regulations such as EU-GDPR.
  • Creating a Cyber/Data Breach Crisis Comms plan for both internal and external communications to clients, regulators and the media.
  • Best practices and tools in Cyber and Data Breach Incident Response from a certified practitioner.
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Live Online CISSP Training & Mentorship Programme

If you are ready to take your security career to the next level, our Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) exam preparation course will help you get there. The CISSP certification is recognised as the must-have requirement for the development of a senior career in information security, audit and IT governance management. 

The aim of the CISSP course is for you to schedule and pass the exam under the Trainer’s mentorship. You will receive instructor-led online training and one-to-one mentoring from our expert trainers. You will also get:  

  • Two hours of live CISSP training every Saturday, 10.30am - 12.30pm GMT.
  • Ongoing email and WhatsApp study support group access.
  • Access to CISSP videos to help you with overall understanding of concepts.
  • Question banks from our trainers (nearly 4,500 CISSP questions).
  • Access to pre-recorded additional sessions on managing exam questions for all 8 domains.
  • Access to our special exam preparation/strategy video.
  • Access to our exclusive ‘Creating a CISSP Study Plan’ video.
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NCSC-Certified Privacy & Cybersecurity Essentials

Cybersecurity & Privacy Essentials or CSPE is CMA’s flagship cybersecurity training programme that has gained the respected GCT (GCHQ-Certified Training) approval. This cybersecurity course is available to business-level executives, from the CEO and below, and to the non-technical staff of an organisation. The course covers:

  • The business impacts of cyber-breaches and real-world cyber-attacks.
  • How to reduce business risk exposure and actually reduce costs, while improving the overall security posture.
  • How to generate money and business opportunities from good information security practices.
  • Protection, defence and response: The areas you need to focus on.
  • What are the Top 10 Cyber Threats for 2017.
  • Why Apps are a threat to your business.
  • The real threat in your organisation and how you can address it.
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Information Security Training for Awareness

Our Information Security Awareness Training is aimed at all levels, from the boardroom down. Our flexible approach to Information Security training allows us to deliver up-to-date, bespoke training where necessary.

CMA can also help you assess your current Information Security Awareness Training programmes, design new programmes and provide specialised training to address areas of greatest concern to your organisation.

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Anatomy of a Network Attack

This two-day course is based on evidential information about cybersecurity attacks facing various organisations today. The course is based on our experience and interaction with our clients and other industry attack victims. In this course, we:

  • Analyse recent known and some unknown attacks and dive into the technical details on how they avoided detection.
  • Review the basic application of incident triage, OODA and the Diamond Methodology, and deep-dive into the Cyber Kill Chain.
  • Help attendees understand the role Log Management plays in network-based attacks, followed by a review of the most common log types and log sources in an organisation.
  • Review most common SIEM products and technologies, including security analytic approaches to SIEM.  
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Management Best Practices in SAP Compliance Security and Audit Essentials

Cyber Management Alliance’s two-day course in SAP Compliance Security and Audit Essentials (SAP CSA) is a management-level, workshop-oriented training programme that delivers SAP compliance, security and audit knowledge in layman terms that are non-technical and jargon-free. Our focus is to make the training interactive and share live experiences on SAP compliance, security and audit. Through this course, we help attendees:

  • Understand the basics of SAP security, including SAP role and authorisation concept, and Segregation of Duties conflicts.
  • Understand the relevance of SAP security in wider organisation compliance requirements (such as the Sarbanes Oxley Act, Internal controls on Financial Reporting, etc.).
  • Understand SAP weakness to accounts payables and general ledger processes (common areas of fraud).
  • Understand key SAP settings on password management, account lockout management and SAP logging/audit trail features.
  • Understand SAP user access provisioning process weaknesses and audit alarms.
  • Understand SAP landscape to overall change management process requirements.
  • Understand SAP role concept and challenges in SAP authorisation management.
  • Understand SAP risks in integration to other systems.
  • Understand wider SAP cybersecurity risks.
  • Understand typical SAP ITGC control requirements.
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  • I found the course to be very interesting. It not the usual bookish theoretical type of course; it was quite interactive.
    Sanjay Khanna
    CIO, Rak Bank, Dubai
  • Amar Singh brings a wealth of personal
    experience and knowledge
    Hariprasad Chede
    President ISACA UAE
  • The course was excellent. Not the typical core text book training but giving valuable insights and experiences
    Youssef Karroum
    Head of IT, Bank of Sharjah, UAE
A really good session, the trainer is really knowledgeable and presents it in a really understandable format that the participants really enjoyed.
Wayne Parks
Head of ICT Warwickshire Police