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An innovative concept of producing guidance and sharing knowledge from the collective experience of seasoned practitioners. Our Wisdom of Crowds events are based on the simple principle that the wisdom of many surpasses the knowledge of a single or few.
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This is the place where everybody gets a chance to exchange ideas. ....unlike other conference where 1 person is talking & everybody else listens. I ensure whenever there is a Wisdom of Crowds, my participation is must.

Hariprasad Chede  - CISO - UAE Bank

Cloud Security

Wisdom of Crowds, Dubai - April 2018

Agenda : Building A Breach Ready, Secure And Agile Digital Business

The date:April 19th, 2018

Location:Burj Al Arab, Dubai

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Our unique events provide a great opportunity not just for open discussion and collaboration, but also the benefit of forming new business relationships and actively encouraging businesses to engage and connect with each other. With education and business facilitation being two of our core focus areas, our events provide a great opportunity not just for open discussion, but also the benefit of forming new business relationships.

Our ability to engage with leading decision makers in the cybersecurity industry puts us in an ideal position to not only facilitate discussion, but to drive development and change.

Wisdom of Crowds brings to you the voice of leaders in their field of cybersecurity, allowing our 50,000+ global subscribers to gain the inside track on the highs and lows, the latest developments, research and predictions for the future; information that will add value to their business and cybersecurity strategies.

Keynote Speakers Topics

  • Vladimir Jirasek - Jirasek Security UK - Improving vulnerability management with exposure analysis Improving vulnerability management with exposure analysis
  • Rob Demain - CEO, E2E Assure - Shining the Light in the Abyss
  • Sergey Lozhkin - Member, GReAT Team, Kaspersky Lab - The Middle East Threat Landscape

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Inspirational industry leaders delivering informative insights.

Rob Demain

E2E Secure

Wisdom of Crowds Dubai April 2018

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