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World-Class Cybersecurity Consultancy Services

Cybersecurity Advisory Services (Critical Friend)

Expert, hands-off cyber security advisory services, specifically curated for organisations with existing cybersecurity teams & infrastructure 


Why do you need Trusted Advisory?

Challenges solved by our Cybersecurity Advisory Services

If any of these statements resound with your current challenges, the Cybersecurity Advisory services are the perfect fit for you.

Objective Trusted Opinion

You need an outsider's expert opinion on your cybersecurity posture & technology investments. While you have all the requirements in place, you know that they require a fresh pair of eyes - put simply. 

Gaps in Policies & Processes

You already have an efficient cybersecurity team in place. But do you still believe that your existing policies and processes need an objective review from an external trusted expert? 

Massive Scale

Do you feel that the scale and complexity of your operations is such that you always need external trusted advisory to ensure your business is as safe as possible? 

Critical Sector

Your business operates in a critical sector where cybersecurity is a top priority. Your CISO and SOC could use additional support & expert guidance to ensure your security infrastructure is foolproof.

Three Key Benefits of our Cyber Security Advisory Services

A 'Critical Friend' you can turn to anytime!

Expert external cybersecurity support

Our Cyber Risk Advisory service is a uniquely flexible & hands-off service. The 'critical friend'  while relevant for all organisations, has been specifically designed to offer additional support, guidance & recommendations to medium-to-large business which already have a strong cybersecurity structure in place. 

Critical Friend for objective advice in a crisis

When a crisis occurs or you are under attack, the professional opinion of an external expert, such as our CISO Advisors, can be invaluable. Your company's CISO or security team can often feel too close to an attack and can always benefit from a trusted third-party view in times of crisis. Our Cybersecurity Advisors have been part of many crisis situations through the years and have the ability to assess any situation objectively and give impartial advice. 

Represent the organisation to regulators

Our Trusted Advisors work with you to ensure your organisation complies with International Regulatory Standards like the ISO 27001:2013 or NIST's Cybersecurity Framework . They can work with your team to represent your organisation effectively to auditors and external regulatory bodies. 

Your trusted partner for everything cybersecurity!

What are the Cybersecurity Advisory Services all about?

The cyber security advisory services, a part of our cybersecurity consultancy services bouquet, are especially targetted at organisations that already have a CISO & a strong security team in place.  

So why do you need our Trusted CISO Advisors then? Because...


  • The scale of your operations is so massive and complex that you need external trusted advisory on top of your existing structure. 
  • You want to be completely ready to deal with a crisis situation head-on. You want to have external advisors on your panel/board who can step in immediately if/when you are attacked and support your business.  
  • You want regular assistance in reviewing and assessing your existing policies and frameworks. 
  • You are in an industry/space where cybersecurity is critical and you regularly invest in & upgrade your technology infrastructure so you often need unbiased and vendor-agnostic recommendations on how to bolster your cyber resilience.  


Our Vision & Mission Behind the Cybersecurity Trusted Advisory Service 

CM-Alliance’s primary objective is to make our clients fully cyber-resilient to enable them to protect against known threats and rapidly detect, respond and recover from advanced cyber-attacks so they can conduct their business uninterrupted.

How do we achieve this mission??

We do this by Identifying organisational risks and threats; creating, improving and assisting to deploy technology controls, processes and policies to Protect the organisation from cyber-attacks and helping make the organisation beach-ready so it can rapidly Detect, Respond to and Recover from a cyber-attack.

Our Standards-Based Approach:

At Cyber Management Alliance, we take co-ownership of your challenges and risks and aim to improve your organisation’s Cybersecurity and Cyber resilience posture through our professional services and experienced staff.

Trusted by Banks, Police Forces, Pharma, Insurance, Medical, Health, Hospitals, Media, Local Councils, Charities, Manufacturing & other sectors.

Primary service offerings under Cybersecurity Advisory Services

Cybersecurity Consultancy

The Trusted Advisor will offer expert Advice & Guidance on Cybersecurity, Cyber Resilience Strategy, Privacy, Policies and Strategy.

Critical Friend

We will review & share expert opinion on artefacts, including threat intelligence reports. Our Trusted CISO Advisor acts as your ‘critical friend’. 

Support in a Cyber Crisis (24X7)

The Trusted Advisor is your go-to person in case of a cyber crisis. They will provide you critical advice on strategy, communication, media handling,  business continuity etc. 

Information Security Program

The Trusted Advisor will review & comment on Information Security policies & procedures, gap assessments, audit reports & pen-testing reports. 

Executive Briefings

We deliver bespoke executive briefings to engage and advise senior executives. We also offer recommendations on corrective actions where required. 

Technology Roadmap

Impartial advice on technology solutions that should be considered for implementation. We will also help you review and assess bids from vendors.

Executive Mentorship

We also offer one-on-one Executive Mentorship as part of our Trusted Advisory programme. 

Vendor Contracts

Our Trusted CISO Advisor will review & comment on bids from service providers & vendors. 


We help review RFPs, the response to RFPs & guide you on the necessary inclusions in RFPs. 

Executive Interviews

Our Trusted Advisor will support you in reviewing executive CVs & conducting interviews.

vCISO vs Cybersecurity Advisory

What is the difference between the Virtual CISO Service & Cyber Security Advisory Services?

Many clients often ask us this question. While the simple answer is: If you don't have a CISO at all, go for the vCISO service. If you already have a good cybersecurity team in place, you need the expertise of  offered by our Cyber Risk Advisory Services. Here's a closer look at the differences between the two. 

Service Category

Cybersecurity Advisory Service


Policies & Processes

Advice & guidance on Cyber Resilience, Privacy, Policies & Strategy

Review, refresh & create cybersecurity artefacts including policies & processes


Review and opine on artefacts (policies etc.) Act as a critical friend.

Certify-ready organisation including but not limited to ISO 27001:2013, BCP 22301, Cyber Essentials and others.

Support & Assistance

Crisis Management Support during an incident. Represent organisations to regulators and auditors

Help prepare organisations for specific audits and assessments. Build internal capability in Cybersecurity, Cyber Resilience & Incident Response

Cybersecurity Capabilities

Oversee and manage existing capabilities/manage ISMS

Align the organisation & related artefacts against a selected standard (ex: ISMS)

Built on International Standards

5 pillars of our VCISO & Cybersecurity Advisory Services

Our Cyber Risk Advisory service & the vCISO service is based on five key pillars or categories namely Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond and Recover. 

The table on the right summarises each category. 


Why do clients opt for our Cyber Security Advisory Services?

Let us break it down for you - No matter which service you opt for, here are some key advantages you can look forward to! 

Best in the business for your needs!

With our Trusted Advisory service, you will have access to some of the most experienced cybersecurity experts who come with broad domain knowledge. Our Trusted Advisors are usually recruited over and above full time CISOs and IT experts by large organisations.  


Comprehensive cybersecurity consultancy services

Whether you are a large organisation with one or many CISOs & are looking for expert external opinion or you run a small shop, we have something that's right just for you. You can  always combine one or more services to curate something that serves your purpose perfectly. Our flexible contracts come with the best bang for your buck.  

We choose simplicity over complexity

One of our main brand promises to clients is that we never overcomplicate things for you. When you bring one of our Trusted CISO Advisors on board, you can be sure that they'll execute this promise too by simplifying, instead of complicating cybersecurity for you and your people.  


“We have started to build a continuing relationship with CM-Alliance so that we have an equation almost like “Phone a Friend” or a trusted advisor. We are engaged in an ongoing discussion about cyber wherein Amar will provide us technical and targeted advice for my tech teams. It’s great to know that there is someone I can reach out to for any discussion and trust their opinion. We do have an outsourced SOC and we have a great relationship with them. But I think it’s really important to have an independent consultant so that you know you can have an open conversation about the organisation’s infrastructure and security posture at any point.

Tim Huggins
ICT Manager, Brentwood Borough Council

Read our detailed case study with Brentwood Borough Council 

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