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Would you like unparalleled access to senior decision-makers and people of influence?

Cyber Management Alliance Ltd is proud to introduce Wisdom of Crowds events; An innovative concept of producing guidance and sharing knowledge from the collective experience of seasoned practitioners. Our Wisdom of Crowds CISO events are based on the simple principle that the wisdom of many surpasses the knowledge of a single or few.

Wisdom of Crowds Live Events

Wisdom of Crowds provides an innovative platform for producing crowd-sourced knowledge, delivering informative content, creating post-event videos, Q&As, meetings, networking opportunities, roundtable discussions and much more, all designed to offer maximum reach and engage decision-makers on a number of levels.

Our unique cybersecurity events provide a great opportunity not just for open discussion and collaboration, for forming new business relationships and actively encouraging businesses to engage and connect with each other.

The Wisdom of Crowd’s Live Events are face-to-face events that offer the ideal opportunity to communicate and engage with your target audience. They're also the perfect pathway to building a robust CISO network.

Benefits of sponsoring a Wisdom of Crowds event:- 

  • Present your initiatives to an audience of influential cybersecurity and data privacy decision-makers∙
  • Have unparalleled access to senior decision-makers and people of influence.
  • Build a long-term, qualified lead generation pipeline.
  • Participate in top cybersecurity networking events. 
Event Sponsor Feedback

Haider Pasha - CSO at Palo Alto Networks

"I think the Wisdom of Crowds is very unique in a way they approach interaction. Generally, when you visit the other events wherein most of the times it becomes sort of one-way traffic, you don’t get to interact as much, you don’t get to interact even with peers sitting next to you. Wisdom of Crowds has really changed this as it almost pioneered it. Frankly, I attended so many different events, this is the first time I have attended the Wisdom of Crowds. The first time, I have actually managed to know not just the person sitting next to me or the people on my table. Having that level of networking and that level of knowledge to know that you can then reach out to them once the event is done is quite a fruitful use of my time."

What do our Live Event Sponsors say?

Steve Struthers Cylance

Steve Struthers - Vice President at Blackberry Cylance

"Really good audience, knowledgeable, great presenters, good information exchange and really good to collaborate with customers in an environment where nobody is selling anything and just talking about problems."




cylance 1


Suela Vahdat

Suela Vahdat - Head of Marketing at Nominet

"It has been an absolutely fantastic day - very engaging and very interactive. The people I got to sit across the table from shared some fantastic insights into some of the things they have been doing and I suppose that is one of the advantages of having workshops like these, where you can get a little bit deeper into certain topics that you definitely don’t get through PowerPoint presentations.”


nominet 1


Luc Delsalle

Luc Delsalle - CTO and Co-Founder at Alsid

"It is not about giving a speech on what you do or what your product is, it is more about getting feedback from people. We discussed very specific cybersecurity-related topics and let others give their point of view and share information. Sharing is the key and I think the Wisdom of Crowds is the only event where we let the talk really flow and we exchanged information."

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Anoop Das Mimecast

Anoop Das - Enterprise Business Development Manager GCC & India - Mimecast

"Wisdom of Crowds was a great event and I would say a thought-leadership driven event wherein we got access to a very good audience. We were able to share our thoughts with them in terms of cyber-resilience. Most of the CISOs who came were very keen to understand how they can build their cyber resilience strategy in India."


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Sergey Lozhkin Kaspersky Lab

Sergey Lozhkin – GReAT Team Member - Kaspersky Lab

"It's been a really interesting experience because the whole conference was so interactive and full of participation, whether you were standing on the stage or sitting on a chair listening to others, you felt very involved. All of the brainstorming and communication between different levels of people - it was amazing and I think it’s a new concept of how a conference can be done."




Haider Pasha Palo Alto

Haider Pasha - Chief Security Officer at Palo Alto Networks.

"I think the Wisdom of Crowds events are very unique in the way they approach interaction. Generally, when you visit other events, it becomes a sort of one-way traffic. You don’t get to interact as much; you don’t get to interact even with peers sitting next to you. Wisdom of Crowds has really pioneered this concept and that’s what makes it so different.”



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What can Wisdom of Crowds Live Events do for your business?

3 Key Benefits of Sponsoring an Event


Direct introduction and access to your organisation's target audience of decision-makers, influencers and budget holders with our top cybersecurity events. 


Present thought leadership of your organisation and facilitate engaging discussions around specific topics/subjects, products, or services with our CISO network and other cybersecurity leaders. 


Showcase your organisation's capabilities and receive unbiased opinions and constructive feedback from prospective buyers and our CISO Executive network. 

Previous Live Events

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Upcoming Events

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Previous Event Keynotes

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Direct introduction and access to a niche audience of decision-makers, influencers, and budget holders.

Wisdom of Crowds Live Events are exclusive events that will see participation from Global CISOs, decision-makers & influencers in London, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Johannesburg, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Singapore. 


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Wisdom of Crowds Live Events Hosted by

Amar Singh - CEO and CISO

The host for Cyber Management Alliance's Live Events is our Co-Founder and CEO, Amar Singh, globally renowned cybersecurity and data privacy thought leader. Amar is a highly sought-after keynote speaker and event moderator. He is celebrated the world over for his interactive style and conversational flair that gives him the unique ability to hold the attention of a diverse gathering/group of attendees.

His rich and diverse experience and thought leadership has also enabled Cyber Management to establish an unparalleled network of highly qualified, experienced decision-makers and cybersecurity practitioners who form a key part of the audience for our Live Events.

Each Wisdom of Crowds Live Event is designed to:

  • Create a conducive and informal environment that provides a unique and exciting opportunity to connect and collaborate with potential clients.
  • Focus on the delegate with a stated objective of not crowding the event with vendors. Consequently, only a select few vendors are invited to participate.
Amar Singh Wisdom of Crowds (1)

Attendee & Sponsor Feedback


Maxim Frolov

Kaspersky Lab

"Wisdom of Crowds is a truly unique event concept: the audience is super relevant and CISO level, vendors participating are complementing each other and make the workshop truly valuable. Event preparation and management are seamless. Event value is always worth the invested money and time. The industry needs more events like Wisdom of Crowds - it helps to educate intensively and avoids pushing sales, which most people dislike anyway nowadays."


John Cronin

Head of IS Governance and Resiliency at MSCI

I really like it because it's more participative. I get as much value at round-table discussions as I do from some of the presentations. It's not simply listening to things. People are actively engaged. They're bringing their own points of view & there is always something new & different to takeaway from here. 


Andrew Giles

Head of Security GRC Nationwide Building Society

Wisdom of Crowds are very constructive and collaborative. And what I've seen today is that you have a spectrum of experience from CISOs down through to the practitioners and that's really where you get the richness.  


Carol Embling

Information Security Manager Governance Metro Bank

The uniqueness of Wisdom of Crowds is the friendliness, and the approachability and the trustworthiness of the quality of people that come. 


Shan Lee

CISO at Transferwise

Most of my peers are here and we come together to discuss the events of last year. 


Louis Botha

CISO at Avon

You get to interact, much more interactive than any other event that I go to.

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Wisdom of Crowds Video Feedback

View attendee and sponsors' feedback from our previous events. 

Wisdom of Crowds London

November 2019

Wisdom of Crowds Dubai

October 2019

Wisdom of Crowds, Bengaluru

October 16, 2019

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