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Cyber Incident Response Retainer Services

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What are the Cyber Incident Response Retainer Services?

Cyber Incident Response is a specialised Incident Response Retainer service by Cyber Management Alliance Ltd.

We help you detect, contain, and recover from a cybersecurity incident - a critical aspect of your business's overall security strategy. The goal of our Cyber Incident Response Retainer Services is to help you minimise the impact of a cyber security breach. Our experts help get your organisation back to normal operations as quickly as possible with minimal impact to its bottom line and reputation. 

Cyber Management Alliance Ltd. offers two types of services in the Cyber Incident Response (IR) retainer space: 

  • Cyber Incident and Response Management (CIRM): This is the premium service that includes response coordination activities and adds the important incident management service layer. 

  • Cyber Incident Response Coordination (CIRC): This service is all about supporting the Client in response coordination during a cyber attack. 

Some of the services that are included in our Cyber Incident Response Retainer offering are: 

  • Incident Triage
  • Coordination for effective response 
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Support in decision-making.
  • Coordination with suppliers & technical vendors 

 You can buy these IR retainer services as standalone packages or as part of our Virtual Cyber Assistant (VCA) or Virtual Cyber Consultant (VCC) Services.

All VCA and or VCC clients have special offers and prices for the IR retainer services.

Benefits of our specialised Cyber Incident Response Retainer Services


Our Cyber Security Incident Response Retainer Service is a specialised offering for those businesses that are focussed on better response during crisis. Therefore, it offers significant cost-savings in comparison with hiring a full-time, traditional cybersecurity consultant.  

Expert guidance

Even the most seasoned professionals can find it hard to think objectively in the midst of a crisis. Leveraging the expertise of an objective third-party can be effective in such cases. Plus, our consultants are some of the most experienced Incident Response experts globally.   

Damage Mitigation

Cyber-attacks are expensive. Period. You need to contain the damage if you're in the midst of a cybersecurity event. Effectively containing the attack & minimising business impact is what our Incident Response consultants specialise in. After all, it's the response that determines how fast your business will bounce back.  

Incident Response Coordination

Our Incident Response specialists will not only provide their professional opinion through all decision-making during the response process. They will also help you by ensuring effective communication with key stakeholders, the press etc. and challenge your suppliers & technical vendors.

Post-Incident Guidance

As part of the CIRM service, our experts work with you on post-incident analysis & lessons learned. They help you identify what gaps need to be plugged & how to improve your IR plans and processes. This will prepare you for even better response when (& not if) the next attack occurs. 

Incident Report Creation

Mapping the incident & the response steps is one of the most important aspects of Cyber Incident Response. Our Incident Response specialists will create a detailed post-Incident report  with expert recommendations and advice as part of the CIRM service. 

Why do you need the Cyber Incident Response Retainer service?

Responding to a cyber attack or crisis requires specialist coordination and management skills that are not often available to most organisations. We can break these skills deficiencies down further: 

  • Lack of Experience: Missing ‘muscle memory’ to coordinate and manage various elements can cause unnecessary stress and lead to irreversible mistakes. Furthermore, inexperienced IR responders and managers can often cause significant and unwarranted panic that can further exacerbate the situation. The fact is that a significant majority of people have not experienced a major cyber attack and hence have little actual experience and skills in this area.
  • Inability to Comprehend technology stacks: Most IR responders and managers are unable to understand the intricacies of an organisation’s technology stack and the wider critical system dependencies. This can often have damaging consequences including, but not limited to, incomplete response actions.
  • Unable to Work Under Pressure: The metaphorical high temperatures in an incident ‘war room’ puts responders and decision makers under severe and often unbearable stress. Inexperience often increases the pressure and can frequently lead to bad decisions. 

If you can relate to all or any of the above, here's how our specialised Cyber Security Incident Response Services can help:

IR Specialists On Call

An IR retainer can often be a life saver for your organisation if you do not have the specific skills within existing staff members. Having an Incident Response retainer means , when your business is under a cyber attack, you can call on specialists to help coordinate and manage the incident from beginning to closure. 


Flexible Usage

How does an IR retainer work? Quite simple. YOU decide which service you want and then pay upfront for a minimum of one day’s services. Reach out to us when you're in the midst of an event and get access to professional Incident Response assistance. You can renew a limited number of hours or days to carry forward to the next 12 month contract. 

Complete Peace of Mind

Quotable from anyone who has been the victim of a business impacting cyber-attack, an IR retainer service offers peace of mind before the attack but equally a retainer offers assurance that professionals will coordinate and manage the various aspects of a cyber attack. You minimise the damage to your business and its reputation with professionally-managed Incident Response. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Cyber Incident Response Retainer Service

How does an IR retainer work?

The Client decides which service they want and then pays upfront for a minimum of one day’s services. The Client can renew a limited number of hours or days to carry forward to the next 12 month contract.

What’s the retainer contract period? 

All IR retainers are over a 12 month period and all payments must be made up front. 

Can I renew/carry forward unused days?

Yes. All Clients (VCA/VCC clients and Standalone Clients) can carry forward a limited number of unused days. The Client must pay (at a discounted rate) for those number of unused days. 

What if my existing IR plans are NOT fit for purpose?

You can buy our IR retainer service on its own. However, as with many other organisations, your Incident Response Plans may need updating and or not fit for purpose. Additionally, you may or may not have any cyber response playbooks. We can support you with reviewing existing or creating new cyber response playbooks (also known as IR playbooks) for your organisation. 

Can you Help us Create Incident Response (IR) Playbooks

Yes, we can support you in reviewing existing and or creating new Incident Response Playbooks. 

Why Cyber Management Alliance Ltd?

We are the creators of the UK Government’s NCSC-Certified Training in two key areas, namely, Cyber Incident Planning & Response and Building & Optimising Incident Response Playbooks. We train and consult organisations in how to increase their cyber resilience and improve their cyber response capabilities. 

We use a standards-based approach to all our Incident Response services and we align ourselves with the various US NIST guidelines. 

Furthermore, we are the leading consultancy in creating and optimising incident response playbooks. We have developed our own IR playbooks that ensure consistent and repeatable response actions. 

How Do We Know If Our Response Plans are Fit For Purpose?

We offer consultancy services that can review and optimise your existing playbooks and create new playbooks where required. In addition, we are specialists in cyber attack tabletop exercises or IR exercises. 

What exactly do you get with our Cyber Incident Response Retainer Service?

Specialised Incident Response Expertise: A Senior experienced Crisis & Incident Response Manager to manage your incident and see your incident through to closure (subject to availability of purchased time).
Incident Triage: We will support you in triaging the issue with input and telemetry from all available sources and help determine the appropriate activation plan. Furthermore, we will provide high-level incident response coordination throughout the incident lifecycle.
The Incident Response Coordination expert will join critical and important conference calls and provide professional opinion and guidance throughout the incident.
We will support you by continually analysing the impact of the incident in terms of business impact, regulatory impact, client impact, etc.
We will maintain a high-level view of the incident (Impacted systems/processes, status of analysis, decisions made, steps to contain the impact, etc.).
We will also challenge your suppliers (supply chain, service providers) and technical vendors who are called in for technical support during the incident.
We will be your reviewers and review your internal and external communications, statements to the press, media, stakeholders, etc.
Incident Report: We will produce high-level summary report(s) based on our interaction and on inputs received. We will also, where applicable, produce a detailed Incident & Breach Report detailing all the actions & steps taken during the incident. This report will also provide learnings, recommendations & other relevant advice.
Advice on forensic-related services including restoration of data and other services offered by our vendor network.
Post Incident: Lessons learned workshop that outlines the incident’s outcome, reviews the gaps and provides key lessons on how to further improve the organisation’s resilience.
Post Incident: Review of the incident response plans and recommendations on how to improve the response plans for future incidents.
Post Incident: Review of the preparation plans and advice on how to improve the preparatory phase.

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Client Feedback

Listen to what our clients have to say about our consultancy services

"In order for BMJ to the right way forward we looked for a VCISO to advise us on the right way to do things and give us expertise. We went to Cyber Management Alliance and it's been about a year now and we ran workshops, looked at our response to incidents, created the incident response plan and we are in a position now where we understand our way forward. Our VCISO keeps us on our toes and overall it's been a very effective way of delivering expertise into the organisation that we wouldn't have normally had."

Aaron Townsend, Service Delivery Manager, British Medical Journal  



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