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Case Studies

A collection of case studies from our most prestigious clients to demonstrate how our services have helped them enhance their cybersecurity capabilities. Services include Cyber Incident Response Planning , Executive Awareness Sessions, Cyber Crisis Tabletop Exercises, Virtual CISO, Cyber Security Advisory and Virtual Cyber Assistant services. 

NCSC Assured Training in Cyber Incident Planning and Response Case Studies

Over 270 NHS Delegates Trained in CIPR

Over 3 months, 270+ NHS employees attend our NCSC Assured Training in Cyber Incident Planning & Response. 

15 Local Councils of Essex County Attend CIPR Training

Essex County bolsters its overall security posture by raising staff awareness and refreshing their knowledge.

Bharti Airtel Trains its SoC Team in CIPR

India's 2nd largest telco organises an exclusive private internal CIPR Training for its SoC team.

Cyber Crisis Tabletop Exercises (CCTE) Case Studies

Waverton Investment Enhances Board Awareness with CCTE

Waverton fulfils regulatory obligations & increases board engagement with our Cyber Crisis Tabletop Exercises.

Aster Housing Demonstrates Breach Readiness with CCTE

Aster Housing enhances Breach Readiness Capabilities & Showcases its Incident Response Preparedness. 

NHS Foundation Trust Bolsters Ransomware Readiness

Northern Lincolnshire and Goole Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust benefits from our  Ransomware Tabletop Exercise. 

Ashling Partners

Ashling Partners improves resilience against ransomware attacks with our Cyber Tabletop Exercises. 

SIG Global

Europe's leading Packaging Firm engages CM-Alliance for Ransomware Tabletop Exercises & to deliver Incident Response-related services.

Otsuka Pharmaceuticals

OPEL engages CM-Alliance for Executive & Technical Tabletop Exercises and for IR Playbooks Creation.

Consultancy Case Studies

Brentwood Council Fosters cyber-focussed internal culture

Brentwood Borough Council continuously builds its cybersecurity capabilities with our Cybersecurity Advisory Services.

British Medical Journal Benefits from our vCISO Service

British Medical Journal brings in cybersecurity expertise & improves its cyber posture with our vCISO service.  

Gyroscope Builds Cybersecurity Maturity with vCISO Service

Gyroscope Therapeutics fulfills its cybersecurity & GRC requirements with our vCISO service.