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I really like it because it's more participative. I get as much value at round-table discussions as I do from some of the presentations. It's not simply listening to things. People are actively engaged. They're bringing their own points of view & there is always something new & different to takeaway from here. 

John Cronin  - Head of IS Governance and Resiliency at MSCI 


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Cybersecurity Strategies for 2022 and Beyond Collaborating and Innovating to Protect, Detect Respond & Recover

The date:  15th June, 2022

Location: Hotel Sofitel London St. James

The Wisdom of Crowds is based on the simple principle that the wisdom of many surpasses the knowledge of a single or few. The conferences offer a wealth of visionary knowledge and valuable advice through innovative sessions like group brainstorming, crowdsourced guidance and workshops  and informative presentations from inspirational industry leaders.

The theme for the European conference is “Building the GDPR ready Enterprise" where we delve deep into the various challenges, some legal do’s and don’ts, technologies, processes, policies, skills to adopt and pitfalls to avoid. The conference presents you with the ideal opportunity to:  

  • Discuss and share knowledge and ideas with influential cyber security and data privacy practitioners.
  • Engage and collaborate with peers,  people of influence and experts, generating long-term relationships.
  • Join informative and interesting seminars and training programmes to further your knowledge base.
  • Network with like-minded professionals and peers on important cyber security topics of interest to you. 
  • Create a conducive and informal environment that provides a unique and exciting opportunity to collaborate, stimulate fresh thinking and re-energise your perspectives. 
  • Focus on a particular set of issue(s) and deploy the power of collaborative crowd-sourced thinking to produce tangible solutions. 
  • Enable you to meet, acquire knowledge and assemble information on the latest cybersecurity products and solutions from recognised specialists and experts. 
  • Share your insights and intelligence, practical advice and the latest in best practice know-how.
  • Offer you the opportunity to demonstrate thought leadership and industry expertise.
  • Offer you the opportunity to co-create and co-author post-event content such as E-knowledge documents that are freely distributed and shared globally. 

Wisdom of Crowds provides an innovative platform for producing crowd-sourced knowledge, delivering informative content, creating post-event videos, keynote speeches, Q&As, meetings, networking opportunities, engaging discussions and much more. Our unique events provide a great opportunity not just for open discussion and collaboration, but also the benefit of creating new professional relationships. With education and business facilitation being two of our core focus areas, our events provide a great opportunity to network and collaborate.

Wisdom of Crowds Schedule

Event coffee


Registration, Networking & Refreshments

Please arrive early for registration and to grab yourself a coffee.

Event presentation


Welcome and Introduction

Amar Singh CEO - Cyber Management Alliance

Event presentation


A Tale of 90,000 Unknown Assets

Speaker: CyCognito

Event checklist


Backtrack: The Review

Event presentation


From hoping your security tools are protecting you, to proving you're secure

Speaker: Greg Baylis - Sales Director - UK at Cymulate

Event coffee


Coffee Break

Event workflow


Brainstorming Session

An interactive session. Delegates are split into groups. Each group to develop a mind map.

Event presentation


The Hybrid SOC : The Hidden Value Proposition by e2e-assure Ltd.

Speaker : Rob Demain - CEO at e2e-assure

Event coffee


Lunch & Networking

Event presentation


Most Important Elements of a Zero-Trust Data Centre

Laurence Pitt - Director- Global Security Strategy at Juniper Networks

Event reg


Let’s Create Checklist Session

An interactive session. Delegates are split into groups. Each group to develop checklists.

Event coffee


Coffee Break

Event comments


The Return of DDoS – How You Need to Cope with The Next-Generation Cyber Threats

Speaker: Ken MacIntyre - Sales Director at Link11

Event interactive session



Event presentation


Closing Keynote Presentation

Amar Singh, CEO, Cyber Management Alliance.

Sofitel Piccadilly, London
Hotel Sofitel London St James
+44 203 189 1422

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