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Gyroscope Therapeutics

Gyroscope improves its cybersecurity maturity with Cyber Management Alliance's
vCISO service. 


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Gyroscope Therapeutics Case Study

Gyroscope, an ocular gene-therapy company, bolsters its cybersecurity posture with Cyber Management Alliance’s vCISO service. 

Business Challenges & Goals

Gyroscope Therapeutics is a growing organisation, heavily reliant on deep medical research and cutting-edge, innovative therapies. Protecting healthcare information and research data is critical and requires a healthy cybersecurity infrastructure and effective incident response capabilities. 

However, as Gyroscope is still on its growth trajectory, its cybersecurity requirements, while critical, are not voluminous enough to mandate hiring of full-time cybersecurity staff.

With a keen desire to keep its cyber posture solid and have a dedicated expert the organisation could rely on in case of an incident, the company set out looking for a cybersecurity consultancy company that offered virtual CISO or vCISO services. They reached out to Cyber Management Alliance to support them in their cybersecurity and GRC requirements with its vCISO service.

Some of the organisation's key business goals could be described as follows: 

  • To continuously build the organisational cybersecurity maturity. 

  • Ongoing Governance, Risk and Compliance support.
  • Having a cybersecurity expert to reach out to in emergency situations without having to hire a full-time CISO. 

  • Assistance in understanding threats and threat actors and identifying business processes and critical assets. 

  • An expert review of their technology investments, security initiatives and cybersecurity strategies. 

Benefits to the Client 

Cyber Management Alliance was engaged for its vCISO cybersecurity consultancy services by the client's Senior IT Director.

The vCISO service specifically caters to all the requirements of Gyroscope:

  • Access to the best quality cybersecurity expertise in a flexible format.
  • Availability of immediate help in case of an event.
  • Continuous enhancement of organisational cybersecurity capabilities. 
Following are some of the domains in which Cyber Management Alliance has assisted and continues to support Gyroscope:  

1. Cyber Resilience Ensuring the organisation is ready to withstand, recover from and resume business operations in case of a cyber incident.
2.  Incident Response & Incident Management Review, Refresh, Create Incident Response Plan, Strategy & Processes.  Correlating and Mapping of Incidents/Security Events, Incident Management Roles & responsibilities.
3. Cyber Risk Advisory Monitoring all aspects of Cyber Risk Management including identification, assessment and treatment of organisational risks.

4. Certifications  Gap Assessment, Measuring effectiveness of controls, Management reviews
Implementation of controls, Compliance activity trackers. 
5. Supply Chain Managing and mitigating the biggest risk to the organisation. 
6. Governance & Compliance Review and align existing compliance to organisational framework, Audit plans, Audit/Assessment reports, Information security strategy, Roles and responsibilities, Management reviews.
7. Asset Management Asset Lifecycle Management which constitutes creating, reviewing or refreshing asset registers, classification, asset handling procedures, labelling practices.
8. Audits & Assessments Reviewing audit report responses, corrective action plans, penetration testing reports review and closure plans etc.
9. Business Continuity & Disaster Recover Assisting the organisation in all aspects of business continuity and disaster recovery to help the business to operate as seamlessly as possible during a cyber crisis. 
10. Cloud Security Review of policies, processes, vendor review and strategies to keep the organisational Cloud journey as safe and secure as can be. 
11. Cyber Strategy Ensuring the IT team and management follow the path to building a resilient business. 
12. Data Security Focusing on controls on data to protect and detect against data leaks and data theft.
13. IT Operations Securing the IT stack and IT infrastructure with standards and configuration management.
14. Security Operations Creating, reviewing and refreshing security processes, policies, configuration guidelines to ensure the organisation can operate securely over the long term.
15. Technology & Architecture  Creating and reviewing requirements for security technology products and services to ensure the client gets the maximum value for their money.


Gyroscope Therapeutics

Gyroscope is leading the global battle against blindness by discovering and developing innovative medicines to preserve people’s sight. Driven by its goal of ‘Vision for Life’, Gyroscope was founded to explore the convergence of advancements made in the understanding of the complement system’s impact on eye disease, the genetic basis of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and gene therapy as a mode of sustained treatment delivery.

The company’s global management and scientific teams have extensive experience in gene therapy and drug development, particularly in the field of ophthalmology, and have served in leadership roles at multiple innovative biotech and pharmaceutical companies. Through its delivery system, it also has significant surgical device development and surgeon training capabilities.

Industry: Healthcare
CMA Services: vCISO
Locations: UK

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