Oldfield Partners LLP Receive  ISO 27001 Certification

Posted by Allie Philpin

Aug 3, 2017

Cyber Management Alliance recently worked with equity management firm, Oldfield Partners LLP in helping them through their journey to ISO 27001 Certification. Oldfield Partners were awarded their Certification by BSI in their offices in Milton Keynes together with Amar Singh, CEO at Cyber Management Alliance, and his team.


Oldfield Partners LLP specialise in long term value management, creating value for their clients. They chose to pursue ISO 27001 accreditation due to regulatory requirements, as well as the need to protect their client’s data. They approached Cyber Management Alliance and worked closely with Amar and his team to achieve their well-deserved accreditation. Phillip Hua, Head of IT at Oldfield Partners, said:

“We are very happy with Cyber Management Alliance. We found them to be very professional, understanding our business very well, and we’re very glad to have them on board.”

ISO 27001 should be considered less of a standard and more as a cultural journey for organisations, says Amar. Changing an organisation’s culture takes time; if management sponsors the accreditation, they are saying to everyone in the organisation that they want to start changing their culture towards information security and data protection, the protection of customer and personal data.

ISO 27001 Accreditation awarded to Oldfield Partners LLP.jpg

Why ISO 27001?

Two reasons: regulators, and clients. ISO 27001 is about cyber organisational resilience; can you recover swiftly from a cyber attack?

The whole point of the certification, as well as the cultural change, is to ensure that an organisation is well-prepared if, or more likely when, regulators come knocking at their door. It’s about due diligence and due care, demonstrating that the organisation has done everything they can to protect client and personal data.

The journey to ISO 27001 accreditation is rigorous and an organisation needs to show that they are serious about information security and the security of information. For the regulators, it means ensuring that the right processes and procedures are in place, and that the organisation is continually improving. For customers and clients, it’s demonstrating that the organisation has taken the security of their information as an important part of their business, and that they have all the necessary systems in place to achieve this.

Amar and his team at Cyber Management Alliance are delighted to have been able to support Oldfield Partners through their journey to certification, getting them prepared and ensuring that everything was ready for them to successfully complete BSI’s rigorous audit. Amar commented:

“We are delighted to be here with our clients, Oldfield Partners, at BSI’s headquarters to congratulate Oldfield Partners on achieving their ISO 27001 Certification, and successfully complete BSI’s rigorous audit.” He added: “It has been very rewarding in supporting Oldfield Partners in their journey.”

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