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Otsuka Pharmaceutical Europe Ltd.

OPEL engages CM-Alliance to evaluate its organisational cyber resilience with Tabletop Exercises & to create Incident Response Playbooks 


Cyber Crisis Tabletop Exercise Case Study

Otsuka Pharmaceutical Europe Ltd. (OPEL) Case Study Overview

OPEL engaged Cyber Management Alliance via their existing IT Services partner to deliver three specific cyber related services:

1. Executive Tabletop Exercise
2. Technical Tabletop Exercise
3. Creating several IR playbooks for its critical assets. 


Client Goals 

The client’s objectives with the Executive Tabletop Exercise and the Technical Tabletop Exercise were to:

  • Evaluate how prepared the organisation is for an actual cybersecurity incident, given the rise in cyber-attacks on healthcare businesses.
  • Identifying loopholes and gaps in the IT infrastructure that make the organisation vulnerable to cyber-crime.
  • Identifying gaps in cybersecurity plans, processes and procedures that could come in the way of effective cyber incident response.
  • Enabling key decision-makers, the executive board, management etc. to rehearse their responses during a crisis. The exercise was also aimed at clarifying individual roles and responsibilities during a real attack.
  • Enabling participants to build a ‘muscle memory’ that could lead to more effective response during a stressful cyber-crime situation.

The client’s objectives with the Incident Response Playbooks were to:

  • Create useful and easily usable Cyber Incident Response Playbooks.
  • Ensure that the Playbooks are NIST SP 800-61 R2 and NIST CSF compatible.
  • Improve the overall organisational capability to respond to a variety of simple and complex cyber-attacks and data breaches.
  • Enhance continuity and consistency in technical and managerial responses during a cyber incident or a ransomware attack.


The Client's Experience 

Nadeem Bashir, IT Compliance Manager, Otsuka Pharmaceutical Europe Ltd. shared his organisation’s experience with Cyber Management Alliance in the following words:

Tabletop Exercise:


“Cyber Management Alliance Ltd assigned their top and experienced security consultants to deliver our requirements. The consultants worked closely with my team and conducted output focused workshops to then plan, produce and conduct deeply engaging tabletop exercises.
CM-Alliance’s methodology and approach helped extract the most relevant information and data to enable them to construct highly relevant attack scenarios.

Both the technical and executive tabletop sessions conducted by Cyber Management Alliance Ltd met all our objectives. The attendees from both the sessions were impressed with the facilitation and the outcome-driven approach and left the participants more informed and aware of the response processes and procedures.



Cyber Incident Response Playbooks:


“Cyber Management Alliance Ltd conducted workshops followed by detailed and relevant IR playbooks for our critical assets. Their methodology of creating cyber response playbooks has meant that our team now has detailed and usable playbooks that will help
us respond faster and better to cyber and ransomware attacks.

The IR playbooks created by CM-Alliance have also laid a solid foundation for us to build additional content for Incident response. I would like to thank the CM-Alliance team who have supported Otsuka throughout."



About Otsuka Pharmaceutical Europe Ltd. (OPEL)

UK-based Otsuka Pharmaceutical Europe Ltd. (OPEL) oversees all the European businesses for the Japan-headquartered Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. Otsuka
is a holistic healthcare company dedicated to the entire body. OPEL works in close collaboration with European affiliates & global colleagues to fulfil the vision of the parent group.


Industry: Pharmaceutical
CMA Services: Cyber Crisis Tabletop Exercise & Cyber Incident Response Playbooks
Locations: UK

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