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How CM-Alliance helped Europe’s Leading Packaging Firm, SIG Global, to enhance its Cyber Resilience Posture


Cyber Crisis Tabletop Exercise Case Study

SIG Global Case Study Overview

SIG Global selected Cyber Management Alliance to conduct Cyber Crisis & Ransomware Tabletop Exercises & deliver Incident Response-related services. The goal of the Client was to improve the overall organisational awareness about the true impact of ransomware attacks and enhance their preparedness to respond to such attacks with agility


Client Goals 

Kanoksak Keekarjai, Head of Global Security, Risk, and IT Compliance, SIG Global, explained the objectives behind the exercise:

The primary objectives of the engagement were as follows:

  • Raising awareness of the true impact of a ransomware attack on the business.
  • To conduct a cyber crisis awareness exercise & tabletop drill.
  • Validating existing Incident Response, Recovery and Communications plans.
  • To produce a cyber-attack runbook, comprehensive ransomware communication plans and templates. 

How CM-Alliance Enabled the Client to Achieve Their Objectives

Here are some of the ways in which CM-Alliance enabled the Client to achieve their objectives:

  • A senior and highly experienced practitioner was assigned to SIG Global to plan, produce, and conduct the Cyber Crisis & Ransomware Tabletop Sessions.
  • The senior practitioner and the supporting team conducted a thorough fact finding and planning session before producing the content for the cyber-attack tabletop session.
  • The above fact-finding session ensured that the tabletop scenario which the cyber crisis drill focussed on was highly contextual to the business & immediately felt real to the participants.
  • The session was deeply engaging, eliciting participation from all the attendees.
  • CM-Alliance also reviewed SIG’s existing Incident Response Plans and Ransomware Communication Plans of the Client.
  • We also helped them create new and contextual Ransomware Communication Templates and Cyber Attack Runbooks


"The sessions and scenarios were relevant to our business and the tabletop ransomware exercises were conducted in a deeply engaging manner. The ransomware communication response templates were comprehensive and completely relevant to our business context and the accompanying communication plan was fit-for-purpose."

- Kanoksak Keekarjai, Head of Global Security, Risk
and IT Compliance, SIG Global



The Client's Experience 

Kanoksak Keekarjai shared the organisation’s experience with Cyber Management Alliance in the following words: 

“The cyber awareness session was conducted in a way that made the cyber-attack scenario feel real and relevant for the participants. They were encouraged to think like and respond as they would in an actual crisis. The session met our objectives.SIG also engaged CM-Alliance to review the existing ransomware communication plans and to create a detailed ransomware response plan and accompanying communication templates that we could use during a cyber ransomware crisis.

We are impressed with the outputs and the attention to detail. The communication templates allow us to effectively map the type of ransomware attack to the exact template that suits our requirements. This approach drastically lowers the time to respond and the time to react to major crisis situations. 

Amar Singh is an excellent facilitator and is highly experienced which makes his insights useful to all participants. Importantly, Amar knows how to engage a room full of business executives and is able to present highly technical concepts in a nontechnical, easy to understand manner.”




About SIG Global

SIG Global is one of the world’s leading providers of sustainable, innovative, and versatile packaging solutions.

Headquartered in Neuhausen, Switzerland, the organisation is committed to bringing food products to consumers around the world in a safe, sustainable, and affordable way.


Industry: Packaging
CMA Services: Cyber Crisis Tabletop & Ransomware Tabletop Exercises & Incident Response Related Services
Locations: Switzerland

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