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Cybersecurity & Privacy Essentials

The quantity and complexity of cyber-attacks on organisations is increasing. As part of any ongoing security framework, security awareness at all levels within the organisation is key. Cybersecurity is no longer just an IT security issue.

Experienced and qualified information security professionals are much in demand and there is a global shortage of cybersecurity skills. 

For any organisation, the first line of defence must be information security awareness training. Unlike examination-based certifications, Cyber Management Alliance offers students the opportunity to learn from real-life experienced professionals with years of experience. Our courses are reviewed on a regular basis and we are able to deliver up-to-the-minute training and support against the very latest cybersecurity threats. There is no need to wait for months or even years for our syllabuses to be updated.

The Cyber Fundamentals training will provide essential knowledge, understanding and a solid foundation, allowing participants to drive information security awareness across the business.


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Topics covered include:

  • Information governance
  • Controls and risk
  • Methodologies and motivations
  • Cybersecurity policies and standards
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Legal, data privacy and regulations
  • Managing the Risk of the Cloud
  • Mobile security
  • Top Ten Threats 2021
  • Cyber Essentials: Introduction & Why its Relevant for Businesses

Participants will understand:

  • The business impacts of cyber breaches and real-world cyber-attacks.
  • How to reduce business risk exposure and actually reduce costs, while enhancing the overall security posture.
  • How to generate money and business opportunities from good information security practices.
  • Protection, defence and response - the areas that need focus.
  • The Top 10 Cyber Threats for 2021.
  • Why apps are a threat to business.
  • The real threats in the organisation and how to address it.
  • The importance and relevance of Cyber Essentials.
  • How to ensure the business is aligned with Cyber Essentials requirements. 


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Cybersecurity & Privacy Essentials

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  • testimonial_img.png

    Ideal introduction course for non technical Senior executives.

    Naomi Climer 

    President of The Institute of Engineering & Technology (IET)

  • testimonial_img.png

    I was coming from a very low knowledge base so it was perfectly pitched to increase my awareness.

    Susan Cordingley - Director of Planning & Communications, NCVO

  • testimonial_img.png

    A marvellous introduction to a wide ranging complex subject area.

    Tony Green - Security Architect, National Grid

  • testimonial_img.png

    I really enjoyed the session, which I found informative, realitive and thought provoking. I left with a personal itinerary of "to do's". 

    Charmaine Woolley
    Cyber Crime Coordinator
    West Mercia Police

  • testimonial_img.png

    Very impressed with the level of information and the detail we got today. Lots of pointers we can take from the event.

    Steve Hill
    Telford & Wrekin Council

  • testimonial_img.png

    The course delivers a really solid understanding of the issues facing every organisation in the area of cyber security. The trainers are practitioners so any question you can throw at them they can answer.

    Stephen Wright
    National Cyber Skills Centre

  • testimonial_img.png

    The trainer put it over in really good terms that we could understand. What it helped us do was make sure that our IT provider is doing what we want him to do, and not necessarily what he wants to do for us.

    Simon Adams
    Health Watch Worcestershire

  • testimonial_img.png

    The course was stimulating and left me with a lot of action points to follow through on.

    David Charles
    Managing Director Cooke and Mason Plc

  • testimonial_img.png

    The level at which it was pitched was superb and the ability to respond at whatever level the questioner was coming from was superb.

    David Warren

  • testimonial_img.png

    The course today was informative and the delivery was very professional.

    Many Sandhu
    University of Wolverhampton

  • testimonial_img.png

    I learnt a lot about risk management and what to do in the event of an attack and how you can prepare yourself by thinking about all the different outcomes and what to do to prevent them.

    Steve McGowan

  • testimonial_img.png

    Absolutely excellent, really interesting. Whats really good about it is that it’s made me aware of all the things that I need to be doing as a business owner. I would thoroughly recommend it.

    Andrew Hillery
    Rise Worldwide

  • testimonial_img.png

    Really interesting course, the trainer is really engaging. Keeps you interested throughout the whole day and very informative.

    Lucy Beale
    Malvern scientific Solutions

  • testimonial_img.png

    It was extremely interesting, I learnt a lot. The trainer was an excellent presenter.

    Anne Brookes
    Health Watch Worcestershire

  • testimonial_img.png

    This was an incredibly useful summary of the issues and risks we need to be aware of and be able to respond to.

    Megan Griffith Gray - Head of Digital and Communications, NCVO

  • testimonial_img.png

    Really enjoyed this day, the course was well structured with both interactive activities and theory. The trainer had a breadth of knowledge and shared lots of best practice with the group. 

    Rachael Tooth Bromsgrove District Housing Trust

  • testimonial_img.png

    “I would recommend these courses to any business.”

    Nathan Burlton, Mac interactive

  • testimonial_img.png

    This was a very useful course which increased my knowledge and will provide long term benefits to our Charity.

    John Daniels, John Martins Charity

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NCSC-Certified Cyber Security & Privacy
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