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Live CISSP Online Training & Mentorship FAQS

CISSP General Questions

What is CISSP ?

CISSP is a world famous information systems security professional certification from an organisation called ISC2. CISSP stands for Certified Information Systems Security Professional. For more details refer to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Certified_Information_Systems_Security_Professional and

How many chapters/domains are in CISSP?

There are 8 domains. These are:

Security and Risk Management
Asset Security
Security Engineering
Communications and Network Security
Identity and Access Management
Security Assessment and Testing
Security Operations
Software Development Security

Who should obtain the CISSP certification? 

If you work in any of the following job roles, you should consider CISSP.

Security Consultant
Security Manager
IT Director/Manager
Security Auditor
Security Architect
Security Analyst
Security Systems Engineer
Chief Information Security Officer
Director of Security
Network Architect

Where can I find the CISSP Syllabus?

Please refer to below ISC2 CISSP Candidate Information Bulletin

What is the format of the exam including passing percentage?

CISSP is a 6 hour exam with 250 multiple choice questions (each question = 4 marks). You need 700 out of 1,000 marks to pass this exam.


Some of the questions asked by our students

How many years of work experience do I need before I can sit for the CISSP exam?

Candidates must have a minimum of 5 years cumulative paid full-time work experience in 2 or more of the 8 domains of the (ISC)² CISSP CBK®. Candidates may receive a one year experience waiver with a 4-year college degree or regional equivalent, or additional credential from the (ISC)² approved list, thus requiring four years of direct full-time professional security work experience in 2 or more of the 8 domains of the CISSP CBK.

Why should one do CISSP?

Passing CISSP demonstrates your knowledge, skill set and commitment to the information security field. It is the benchmark for many jobs. Not a CISSP in a lot of situations means no interview.

How much salary does a CISSP professional earn?

A CISSP professional with 5 years total information security work experience may earn:

Around 60-85K GBP in UK
Around 15 - 20,00,000 INR in India
Around 80-120 K USD in USA.

The above salary figures are approximate and have been suggested by our CISSP mentors working full-time in Industry.

What skills should I possess to start my CISSP study?

You should have a basic understanding of Information Technology and an attitude to study hard to pass the CISSP. There is no minimum knowledge level required. You will learn concepts as you study for CISSP. If you have questions on this, please connect with us at info@cm-alliance.org

I am confused between CISSP and other security exams. How is CISSP different?

All exams have a different focus.

If you work in IT Audit, you must clear CISA as a priority first before CISSP.
If you are a manager in Information Security, you can pursue CISM or CISSP.
If you are a strategic security program manager, you may target CGEIT.
If you are a mix of audit and governance, you should target CRISC or CISSP.
If you are working in consulting in cyber security, you should target CISSP.

If you have a question here, please connect with us at info@cm-alliance.org

What is the difference between the old and new CISSP Syllabus?

Compare the Old and New Syllabus

What approach should one follow studying for CISSP when working full time?

We recommend reading our blog - see below link - to learn from the approach followed by our CISSP Trainer.  https://blog.cm-alliance.org/cissp/studying-for-cissp-working-full-time

Which books should I read for CISSP?

There are 2 main books:

ISC2 4th edition official CISSP book
Shon Harris 7th edition CISSP book

You may follow either book and keep the other book as a reference.

There is no short cut to hard work, but then not everything mentioned in the book is important from an exam perspective. To understand  which topics are important for the exam, please feel free to connect with us and we can share with you a list of topics that you should study in more detail.

CISSP books are difficult for me to read. Any approach I should follow?

This is a question which can only be answered when you interact directly with our trainer. Please connect with us at info@cm-alliance.org to schedule a 15 minute  call with our trainer.

Which program is better, online or classroom?

It is important firstly you understand what requirements one should have before starting to prepare for the CISSP exam. Please refer to the below blog to understand the 4 golden requirements and 7 excitement requirements you should aim for before starting to prepare for CISSP exam.

I have passed my CISSP exam - who can endorse my CISSP certification application?

The application must be endorsed and digitally signed by an (ISC)² certified professional. If you do not know an (ISC)² certified professional in good standing, (ISC)² can act as an endorser for you. The (ISC)² certified professional is anyone who is able to attest to your professional experience  and is an active (ISC)² credential holder in good standing .

The endorser will attest that your assertions regarding professional experience are true to the best of the endorser’s knowledge, and that you are in good standing within the cyber security industry. You will need the endorser’s member/certification number when filling out the online application.

FAQ's on CMA's CISSP Online Mentorship Program

What is the duration of CMA CISSP Online Mentorship Program?

Our CISSP Mentorship Program is a 4 month program. The program consists of active interaction with a trainer every Saturday, 10.30 - 12.30 pm UK time. We use Go To webinars to run the online sessions. The CISSP syllabus will be completed in around 3 months, post which your CISSP mentor will guide you with a revision study plan. You should be ready to sit for your exam in 4 months.

What study material will be shared as part of CMA CISSP Online Mentorship program?

You will be provided access to quality slides for all 8 CISSP domains, along with videos from various sources and questions banks.

What is the success rate for CMA's CISSP Online Mentorship Program?

We take pride in mentoring students, helping them successfully achieve their CISSP exam. If you are committed and study along with the trainer-recommended jobs every week, you are sure to succeed. Our trainer has a success rate of 97%. For details on our past student testimonials, please see the bottom of this page. 

Are there any tips to passing the CISSP exam?

We recommend you read the below blog for more details on how to study for CISSP exam.


Does this program p
rovides access to a doubt-clearing session?

Yes, you will be added to a WhatsApp group where you have your mentor, along with other students who are preparing for CISSP. This group also has our CEO Amar Singh - Global CISO and Cyber Security Expert. The group remains active and you can clear your CISSP doubts and questions.

Where can I find more details on CMA CISSP Online Mentorship Program?

Please refer to our CISSP Online page at www.cm-alliance.com

What is the fee of CMA CISSP Online Mentorship program?

For fee details and to check if currently we have availabilty in our current batch, please contact us at info@cm-alliance.com

I have other question - how I can contact you?

Please feel free to connect with us at info@cm-alliance.org. You can also connect with our trainer directly at abhi@cm-alliance.com

Can I speak to CMA's CISSP Mentor to understand the mentor's experience in this field?

At CMA, we believe in hiring people who have 10+ years of experience and are working in senior position with large organisations (including the Big 4 firms and investment banks). We can book you onto one Free demo session. Please connect with us at info@cm-alliance.com

Can I communicate with the mentor after the live class?

Yes. You will have the mentor's email address and you will also have access to the CISSP students WhatsApp group, which also includes two additonal mentors, one of which is our CEO and Global CISO Amar Singh.

What happens if I am unable to attend the online live class?

All students that are unable to attend the live class will receive a recording of the class for you to view in your own time.

Can I comunicate with other students? If so, how?

Yes. Once you have registered for the program you will subscribed to the WhatsApp study group where students communicate on a daily basis.

Why do you call it a mentorship program? Is it not just a training course?

The training is just one part of the program; this is not a boot camp-style crash course. What we offer is the ability to have continous learning with access to expereinced CISSP Certified Cyber Security practitioners who are able to share with you real life scenarios to help you to understand the concepts.

Who will be my mentor?

All our CISSP mentors are working full-time with banks, multinationals like Barclays, Deutsche Bank, Deloitte and Ernst & Young. We will allocate a mentor on the basis of availability. However, in case you are not happy with your mentor, we can always change mentor for you. To request your mentor profile, please connect with us.

Where is the trainer based?

All the trainers are based in London in the UK.

After I finish the course, am I still able to contact the trainer?

Yes. The mentor will be avilable for you to communicate with until you pass the exam. You willl also have access to the WhatsApp group.

After I finish the 12 weeks, 
am I still able to remain in the WhatsApp group?

Yes. You are welcome to stay in the WhatsApp group for a period of up to 6 months following the completion of your course. We would definitely expect all students to have sat and passed the exam during this period.

Can I book my exam through CMA?

No. Exams must be booked via (ISC)2 or your local (ISC)2 official licensed affiliate.

What if I change my mind after the first class, can I get a refund?

Before you start the program we advise you watch the freely available recording which can be found HERE. We also allow all students to attend one class free of charge. After this, we hope the students have a good idea of what they are paying for. Once payment is made, you may contact us to agree a start date after which the program will commence. Once you attend your first session, we cannot allow a refund (apart from reasonable and exceptional cases). However, you will receive the recordings of the class for you to view in your own time and you will still have acces to the WhatsApp group so that you can ask any questions or clear any doubts you may have.

Does this price include any books or official training material?

No books or official (ISC)2 training material is provided however, we reccomend some books are purchased in a hard copy or digital format. All of the materials shared during the training is through the discretion of the trainer including any video links, question banks, resources, PDFs or slide decks. Quite often the trainer will be adding and updating the list of resources as and when new videos or documents are released and we allow the trainer to use their experience and discretion to share this information with the students. We will be sharing with you CMA proprietary slides for all 8 domains and CISSP question banks for practice.

How do I register for the course?

You can register by visiting THIS PAGE or email bal@cm-alliance.org

I do not have a PayPal account or my country does not allow PayPal, how can I pay?

You can also pay using Shopify. Please contact bal@cm-alliance.org

Can I see student feedback?

Yes please see the bottom of this page for feedback and also feel free to ask questions during the free class.

I have been on a CISSP course but haven't sat the exam yet. Should I join the course?

This program is for anyone. If you attended another course and feel that you are not quite ready for the exam and have questions to ask, then this program offes you the opportunity to engage with experienced cyber security practitioners to help you clear your doubts.

Will you provide me with a Certificate of Attendance once the course is complete?

Yes, all students can request a Certificate of Attendance.

Who are Cyber Managemement Alliance?

Please find out more about CMA by visiting About Us

Why should I opt for a Mentorship program instead of just buying the book and reading study myself?

In a mentorship program, a mentor guides you throughout this journey on the basis of his own past experiences. He takes up your questions on WhatsApp, emails and connects with you every weekend to support you in your CISSP journey. Studying alone may be the best option for a few of us but for the majority of us, mentorship will help. Studying alone may bring a bit more of a challenge as you may not be clear on what the important study areas are, and your doubts may remain unsolved for a long period. Good mentorship always helps in doing smart study.

I am a CISA? Should I do the CISSP course?

CISA is auditor course and talks more about controls at a very basic level. CISSP is an extension of CISA not only in the technical areas, but also in risks and controls. A CISA with a CISSP is more skilled to complete IT audits than a normal CISA.

  free cissp training

View the video below and download the CISSP Exam Preparation Plan using the form below.


  • testimonial_img.png
    The sessions helped me to accelerate my CISSP studies. The teacher is passionate and it is clearly evident while he delivers a class he loves teaching
    Sujith Prasad
    Master Architect
  • testimonial_img.png
    I would highly recommend CMA to anyone looking for an alternate way to prepare for the exam along with a full time job and obviously expecting a great value for money.
    Satyajeet Singh
  • testimonial_img.png
    The methodology of tackling the most minute yet crucial sections, giving real time examples, breaking down topics into sub topics and further down till a lay man would relate to them definitely aspires you to pursue the subject wholeheartedly and achieve success. 
    Shilpa Iyer
    Wipro Technologies
  • testimonial_img.png
    I would like to express my gratitude to having found you guys, you came to my aide when I needed you most to help me review my CISSP studies. I cannot be thankful enough for the mentorship, and expert training I received. 
    Your notes are easy to understand and the extra reading materials you share with us goes a long way to appreciate why we are studying to become information security experts.
    Thanks again for the great work you guys are doing.  
    Paul Madamombe
    ACCESS Canada
  • testimonial_img.png
    CMA's 12 week Online CISSP Program was undoubtedly the best decision I made in the lead up to taking the CISSP Certification. The Saturday classes impacted straight away within my learning of the CISSP 2015 Syllabus and material provided by CMA was easily readable.
    CMA's CISSP trainer was available outside class hours 1-2-1 through WhatsApp and this made life so much easier as  he went above and beyond to make sure I was ready for the examination. 
    Lalit Singh Bhakuni
    The Hague
  • testimonial_img.png
    The study material shared on the program is so simple to understand & helped me grasp the concepts.
    The trainer is always approachable through Email/WhatsApp Support and I often sent through snapshots of my questions and response was always assured.
    This course is much more than a typical 5-day Live Classroom boot camp and the emphasis is given to understand the concepts through real-world examples which will actually help me in my day to day tasks at work.
    Gourav Agrawal, Infosys
  • testimonial_img.png
    The program was exceptionally good.


    Kinshuk De
    Head of Business Operations
    TATA Consultancy Services
  • testimonial_img.png
    The slides and additional material provided also are very good - concise and help in focusing on what are the key exam areas. 
    So I definitely appreciate your teaching method and material presented.  All of the excellent order.
    Gurdit Sohal, IT Audit Manager Deloitte
  • testimonial_img.png
    You guys are doing great job, there are many material available on internet but guidance and support is needed to prepare for tough exams like CISSP, I am really enjoying my studies and for sure you make life easier for me, your response time is great.
    Syed Bilal Ahsan

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