How the Fly-Direct Secure Web Gateway is Changing Endpoint Protection

Date: 26 June 2023

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Cyber Management Alliance's Wisdom of Crowds events are renowned across the globe for bringing together the finest minds in the cybersecurity space to collaborate and create crowdsourced knowledge. It’s also a fantastic opportunity for cybersecurity businesses to engage with a niche audience, present their products and services and answer questions that practising executives pose.     

At our recent Wisdom of Crowds event in London, Dope.Security delivered a keynote address and gave a live demo of the Fly-Direct Secure Web Gateway. The address was given by Asif Yaqub, Head of Sales for Europe and Adin Power, Head of Product Management. 

After a quick introduction to the company and its ethos, Asif deep dived into what exactly Dope.Security is and what the Fly-Direct Secure Gateway can do. Essentially, Dope.Security is a Proxy Secure Web Gateway. Their product is named ‘Fly-Direct’ because that’s essentially its USP- it’s a Proxy that sits on the endpoint with no reliance on any data centre or cloud. 

Below are some other salient features of the Fly-Direct Gateway that Asif shed light on: 

  1. There is a control plane that sits in AWS to manage all endpoints but the agent and all the inspection is done on the endpoint itself.    
  2. This makes the entire process super fast, reliable and as there are no data centres involved, there are no outages. 
  3. Moreover, traditional data centres are typically shared with multiple customers. So all the traffic gets decrypted and policies are applied together. This is not the case with Fly-Direct. 
  4. SSL, which is a major aspect of privacy, is done on the endpoint as well. Another significant win for the product. 



For the actual demonstration of the product, Aidan took over. He showed the audience live proof of how the Dope.Security Endpoint was actually installed on his personal laptop. He further explained how: 

  1. The Endpoint recognised who he was with his email credentials. And once the Endpoint has the credentials, it can apply specific policies for a particular user or any user groups that they are part of.   
  2. The Endpoint is constantly intercepting the traffic and decrypting it so the policy can be applied to it in real-time. 
  3. The Control Plane - how it looks, how it shows you where the policy is being applied, how many blocks you’ve had over a certain number of days and what categories have been blocked etc. 
  4. Individual policies can be quickly updated and notifications can be applied to all users who come under the ambit of that policy. 
  5. Fly-Direct also offers SIEM integration so if required all the data on every web transaction in an organisation can be ingested in the SIEM and used for monitoring. 
  6. Going forward, Fly-Direct will also be able to give visibility into how users are accessing Cloud applications. 
  7. Fly-Direct also obviates the need for breaking traffic for the end-user. So if there is a problem, it can be handled from the Control Plane and the end-user can continue working as usual. 

Dope.Security was one of the keynote presenters at our hugely successful recent Wisdom of Crowds event in London. Runecast and Semperis were the other presenters during a lively event packed to the rafters with the top cybersecurity professionals in the UK and London. 

During this event, we also hosted what we like to believe was one of the biggest in-person Cyber Crisis Tabletop Exercises. The participants worked in groups and came up with relevant attack scenarios and solutions to dealing with these scenarios. In true Wisdom of Crowds spirit, they challenged each other, collaborated and produced a whole lot of really valuable crowd-sourced knowledge.  

Our Wisdom of Crowds events are known globally for bringing together some of the best minds in cybersecurity. The Wisdom of Crowd’s Live Events are face-to-face and deeply interactive events that offer the ideal opportunity to communicate and engage with your target audience. 

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