Ipswitch Managed File Transfer "Ticks All the Boxes" for Systematic

Date: 10 May 2018

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IT solutions provider Systematic have chosen Ipswitch MOVEit Transfer as their MFT (Managed File Transfer) solution, describing the offering as "ticking all the boxes" after evaluating other competing solutions.

With over 1000 members of staff and a presence in more than ten countries globally, Systematic required a platform for delivering their software releases and packages to their customer base.

"The biggest challenge we are facing is that we are moving from annual releases of our software to a model of continuous development and more frequent releases." - Tim Timmins, Senior Manager of Business Applications and Support at Systematic.

"We had a very robust solution beforehand which was very secure. But it was very labour intensive. We needed something that was equally or more secure and that has a very good administration interface." - Tim Timmins, Senior Manager of Business Applications and Support at Systematic.

A Formidable Success Criteria

Chris Payne is Managing Director of Advanced Cyber Solutions, Ipswitch's partner of the year for Northern Europe and supplier of Systematic's Ipswitch MOVEit Transfer solution.

"Systematic had a formidable list of requirements which needed meeting, they really kicked the tyres of the solution during their evaluation and trial period." - Chris Payne, Managing Director for Advanced Cyber Solutions.

Tim Timmins noted that the evaluation team were particularly impressed by Ipswitch MOVEit Transfers security features, adding that both ITAR (International Trade in Arms Regulation) and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) are major drivers for any solution they choose to implement.

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Ipswitch and the MOVEit file transfer family of solutions have a strong reputation for complying with standards, controls and accreditations such as PCI-DSS, ISO 27001, HIPAA, SOX, ITAR and GDPR. Features such as FIPS 140-2 accredited file encryption, a tamper-evident logging database and built-in multi-factor authentication have earned it suggestions of being the most secure MFT solution on the market.

File Transfer and the GDPR Ipswitch

"We looked at where we needed to be in 2-3 years’ time and We had a wish list across technical landscape, reporting and tracking and user admin etc." - Tim Timmins, Senior Manager of Business Applications and Support at Systematic.

"It was quite a clear winner because it ticked all the boxes as it’s a well-rounded and mature product. Some of the other products were very strong in some areas and weaker in other areas. It met all of our high – medium requirements." - Tim Timmins, Senior Manager of Business Applications and Support at Systematic.

 Prompt and Quick Turnaround

Chris Payne of Advanced Cyber Solutions has over seven years of experience working with Ipswitch solutions, originally as a post and pre-sales technical consultant. He noted that Systematic were very thorough in their testing of the Ipswitch MOVEit Transfer solution, with its eventual selection as the winning solution being a testament to its strength.

"Even with all the years of experience working with this solution, the guys at systematic were asking questions which I had to research!" - Chris Payne, Managing Director for Advanced Cyber Solutions.

"We had a lot of technical questions that Chris handles for us. We were very pleased with Chris, everything was turned around very quickly and he answered all our questions promptly." - Tim Timmins, Senior Manager of Business Applications and Support at Systematic.

With over a decade and a half of Ipswitch MOVEit Transfer being commercially available, there are considerable use cases from publishers such as Readers Digest to logistics businesses such as Hermes. All with different requirements and varying levels of complexity, Ipswitch MOVEit has remained the number one choice for managed file transfer in the marketplace.

Chris Payne concluded by saying that he had absolutely no doubt in his mind that Systematic would become yet another long term customer of Ipswitch MOVEit Transfer, finding a place for its vast feature set not just in the original use case but in other areas of the business too.

Ipswitch MOVEit Managed File Transfer Demonstration

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