NHS Calls Shieldox a Game Changer for Document Security Posture

Date: 20 February 2018

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After facing major and publicly embarrassing data breach in 2017, Doncaster & Bassetlaw Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has chosen wisely in Shieldox as their GDPR readiness solution in document security. Providing both document encryption, access control and tracking in both the cloud and on the desktop, Shieldox has given much needed peace-of-mind to Robin Smith, the IT security manager for Doncaster & Bassetlaw Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Full Document Lifecycle Management

As the UK's publicly funded healthcare system, the NHS deals with over 1 million patients every 36 hour and has roughly 106,400 doctors and 285,000 nurses on staff. Processing sensitive medical data on a daily basis is a way of life which is supported by the absolute highest levels of availability.

“We had data breach concerns and loss of control of personal data. As such, we needed to think outside the box and look for a solution that is unique in its space and can offer capabilities above and beyond my existing tools are able to do. Shieldox was able to offer us full lifecycle management of all our files once they have left our company, which for the NHS Trust was a game changer”.


Shieldox combines in demand document security techniques, which are usually only possible using a variety of solutions, into one easy to use application. As soon as a document is created, its name, version and location tracked throughout its entire lifecycle, giving the creator full visibility of their creation. If there are copies of the document which pose a risk, that document can have its permissions revoked remotely to render it useless to the reader.

“The NHS Foundation Trust was initially reviewing traditional solutions, but quickly realized their inherent limitations. With Shieldox, the ability to provide complete visibility and control of all
documents, even after they have been shared outside the organization was a key factor for us”.

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Collaboration and Investigations

Cloud adoption has been an important transition for many organisation over the past decade, taking advantage of both low costs and better collaboration options, particularly on mobile devices. The security of cloud-based services and storage has been in the spotlight for the NHS whom store deal with large quantities of sensitive personal and medical data. Being able to ensure security and integrity in highly available cloud environments is pinnacle to Sheildox as a solution.

“Shieldox provides safe transfer of documents between public partners, ensuring assets in transit are protected and integrity is guaranteed. This is essential when dealing with vulnerable individuals across UK care services.”

“As part of internal investigations, the NHS Trust is using Shieldox to underpin forensic investigations into Insider threats. It gives NHS pin-point accuracy in terms of understanding document vulnerability in and outside the organization and offer full resolution”.

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