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Cybersecurity Content Marketing

Our clients don’t just get a typical, cookie-cutter approach to cybersecurity copywriting. They get access to experienced CISOs, practitioners and cybersecurity content creators who specialise in cybersecurity content marketing. With us, you can be sure that your cybersecurity content is relevant, engaging and interesting.


As practitioners, we offer something original.

CM-Alliance is a trusted advisor and cybersecurity content developer for more than 90,000 practitioners in over 100 countries.

We offer a variety of digital assets to elevate your cybersecurity content marketing initatives 


CM-Alliance’s cybersecurity content creators are recognised as leading analysts in cybersecurity and data privacy having previously worked with a number of analyst organisations. We work with you to understand your product or service and create compelling, customer-focused, and insightful collateral such as analyst reports, white-papers, and guides.

Our specialist cybersecurity content developer teams really know the market – and are dedicated to delivering results. Your content is created by an experienced CISO, practitioners, and cybersecurity copywriting experts who specialise in this field. And they are good at what they do and care about doing it right. So you can be sure that your content is relevant, engaging, and interesting.

We take your product message and link it with real industry issues to tell your story from a buyer's perspective. By co-branding our e-Knowledge Documents, you gain repeated exposure and longevity as these documents are distributed and shared globally. You get the perfect blend of a cybersecurity content marketing agency with the global expertise of a top cybersecurity consultancy.  

Our specialist teams really know the cybersecurity market – and are dedicated to delivering results. We promise to bring brand-new fresh ideas to the table and guarantee you will love them. 

We will create the right mix of content assets to integrate with your marketing channels. Our existing clients view us as an extension of their internal team and we have a deep understanding of every client's technology, marketing, and business goals.

We can create great cybersecurity content that’s bespoke and based on genuine insights with one eye on how the outcomes ultimately support sales. Working with us means that you can back up your go-to-market strategy, campaigns, and plans with quality cybersecurity content creation from a trusted source.

A practitioner's perspective.

Commissioned White Papers

A professionally-designed and carefully-written article that focuses on your product/key service offerings. Our analyst team will help identify the topic(s) that will engage the audience. The length of the paper depends on the product/service. We develop and implement a practitioner's tone of voice to reflect our expertise and trusted brand value, we're not another blog writing service.

This White Paper is then shared with our subscribers via our social media platforms, email and is available for download from our website. We also supply our clients with a copy to use for PR and lead generation. 

An exclusive sponsorship opportunity to establish your brand’s domain authority and industry leadership.

Research Reports

We utilize our network to conduct audience research to give insight into your campaign.

As part of its ongoing knowledge building endeavours, the team of cybersecurity content experts at Cyber Management Alliance creates detailed, educative Research Report for the IT and Cybersecurity community. During this process, we will be engaging with up to 500 members of our CISO community & selective high-profile leaders to participate in a comprehensive survey and in one-one-one interviews.

A combination of expert-led and practitioner-sourced research is infused into all our cybersecurity content marketing endeavours. 

The Research Reports are distributed and promoted via a multi-platform strategy, to over 90,000 infosec subscribers, followers and connections across the UK, Europe, Middle East, US, Asia and the rest of the world.
A focus on the buyer's perspective.

Commissioned Analyst Reports

Our insight is created by a team of  analysts who have previous experience of working with analyst firms such as Kuppingercole, KPMG, and Deloitte. They are vastly experienced, and credible. Unlike other analyst firms, we do not publish hundreds of reports per annum. We focus on some genuinely ground-breaking content that starts conversations. Every report we do is led by experts with a passion for knowledge, using a methodology that’s proven to work.

  • Reports are written by experienced practitioners, not just analysts
  • Our proven approach focuses on efficiency and a structured methodology
  • We maintain a proactive audience through our training, events, resources, and webinars
Let us share your success stories.

Case Studies

We’ll tell your story in a different and engaging way. We can take your product message and link it with real industry issues to tell your story from a client or a buyer's perspective.

We can provide a comprehensive a trusted advisory we are able to unlock interesting discussions through interviews with your clients. Our high-quality cybersecurity case studies are produced by a team of experienced practitioners focused on your strengths and the real-life experiences of your clients. 

  • Share details on how you work with clients to help meet their objectives
  • Showcase successful implementations and measured ROI
  • Let our status as trusted advisors help build credibility for your brand
It's not just another infographic...

Digital Assets (Mind Maps & Infographics)

It's not just about creating a custom graphic as any graphic designer could do that. . It's much more than that...

Our team of analysts promises to bring brand-new, fresh ideas to the table and guarantee you will love them. 

We can help you design custom graphics to illustrate your messages in an articulate and interesting way.

  • Mind Maps
  • Workflows
  • Processes and more
The industry's best in engaging an audience.

Speaking Engagements

If you're looking for a keynote speaker or a facilitator for your cybersecurity or data privacy-related events or webinars then we can provide some of the worlds leading experts to assist. 

Our CEO, Amar Singh is an industry influencer and leader. Amar is engaged as a trusted business and cybersecurity advisor, mentor to C-level executives, and a consultant to organisations who need to reduce their risk exposure, deploy post-incident remediation, build security teams, increase cyber resiliency and mature their information security and data privacy posture.

  • Available for event Keynotes
  • Webinar Facilitation
  • Panel moderator, chair, and participant
Let's make some noise.

Social Syndication

Truly effective PR and Social Engagement is about great storytelling and exposure. Position your brand and values on our social media through our leadership team.

We can amplify your brand messages, blogs, webinars to our subscribers, and network of 90,000 cybersecurity practitioners, influencers, and decision-makers. 

  • Available with any of our Business Growth Services
  • We will promote your brand to over 90,000 HubSpot subscribers, 100,000 Linkedin Connections, and 13,000 BrightTALK channel subscribers
Cybersecurity Blog (1)
Certainly not just another blog writing service.

Our Cybersecurity Blog

We develop and implement a practitioner's tone of voice to reflect our expertise and trusted brand value. This is definitely not another blog writing service. It's a content-driven, analysis-based approach to comprehensive cybersecurity content marketing.

All of our webinars are accompanied by a professionally written accompanying blog

Our team of cybersecurity content developers will include an SEO strategy for each blog included internal and external website linking. 

  • We embed each blog with a link to the webinar
  • Include a CTA to a resource for lead generation
  • Each blog will be written from a practitioner's perspective so not another off the shelf blog
Have something worth talking about?


As our lives get busier, the podcast format is becoming increasingly popular.

Podcasts allow us dive deep into the minds of cybersecurity industry thought leaders & the CISO Executive Network through interviews on a variety of topics.

  • We can record a 30-minute podcasts MP3  file for your channels
  • We can upload the podcast to Soundcloud or iTunes
  • Promote your podcasts across our social media channels

What do our clients say about our service?

Adeline Circle

Adeline Kiong - APAC Marketing Manager at Blancco Ltd 

“CM-Alliance delivered 3 very successful virtual events. Firstly, the event preparation with Blancco ensured an interesting topic was delivered that would catch the audience's attention. Secondly, as a practicing CISO, cybersecurity trainer, and event moderator, Amar related well to IT Security end-user concerns and asked relevant questions that resonated with the audience. Audience engagement was high and questions with greater depth were raised during the roundtable session."



Sarit Circle

Sarit Cohen - Marketing Manager EMEA at Palo Alto Networks

"This has by far been our most trusted and immediate ROI-generating event ever. The team at Cyber Management Alliance, including Bal & Rajiv, has been amazing and thoroughly professional. Amar Singh is a great person with a very creative approach in the industry of information security. He is a very experienced professional, a very good influencer and speaker. We are looking forward to continuing our fruitful partnership with CM-Alliance.”


Palo Alto_Grey


Maya Circle

Maya Agarwal - Field Marketing Manager, Chronicle & Google Cloud Security

"It was a pleasure working with Amar, Rajiv, and the Cyber Management Alliance team on this event. Thank you for your attention to detail, communication, and vision for our roundtable. The idea really came alive and we look forward to our upcoming Wisdom of Crowds events and working together
in the future.”




Google Cloud (1)_Grey




The session was adorable by my point of view and very well presented but I admit that the technical level on some moments was a bit high for me. But in general I understood the main ides on that seminar. Thank you and stay safe! 


Gurdip Singh, Cyber Security Manager -BDO

Thank you for yet another great session! Cheers


Sue Curtis, Senior Cyber Security Consultant - Thales

Overall some good information and materials. Thanks


Tushar Bhatia, Information Security - Sr. Manager - Société Générale

Good discussion, Thank you for organizing it.


Giulio di Lernia, Global Information Security Manager (CISO) - Moravia

Very interesting and useful session. I liked most the very explicative graphics! Thanks!


Kelly Alexander, Information System Security Manager - DoD - DFAS

Awesome, more like these please!


Darrin Brandal, Information Security Awareness & Training Lead - General Motors

Very enjoyable. I felt very honest and relevant topics, not just buzz words. Thanks!


Ethelyn Holmes, Cybersecurity Team Lead - Northrop Grumman Corporation

Excellent and provocative webinar. Thank you!


Susan Ballestero, Information Security Analyst II - Confidential

Great webinar, about the role for threat analyst, very valuable, the different tools Steve mentioned, not only the ones for anomali. Would love to see more about attribution, but 1 hr is not enough!


Reto Aeberhardt, Executive Director Cyber Security - EY

Very helpful to get an overview of tools used and in which context. Thank you


Allan Ward, Security Test Manager - Maersk Line

Informative, and insightful - really gave a good insight into a Life of a Threat Analyst, and the methodologies, tools, and techniques used.


Marc Green, Threat Intelligence & Strategy - Direct Line Group

Excellent presentation and a subject which is really momentum across industry. Acquiring a threat intel subscription and platform is easy, truly getting the value out of it is much more complex, but fundamental to properly assessing the landscape and optimising security controls.


Darren Hartin, EMEA Cyber Incident Response Manager - Invesco

Great discussions and great subject information and matter.


Manoj Schroff, Systems Manager - ATOS

Very good overview of process (including technical level), could do with a process flow diagram showing transition of diagnosis from tool to tool.


David Robertson, Information Services Security Risk Authority - Vodafone Group

Really good session - thank you both. Was great to discuss this on a practical level rather than just hypothetical.


Shashidhar CN Founder & CEO SecuriT Consultancy Services LLP

Great. Would love see more webinars like this one. Good Show Amar. Deeply appreciated.


Bruce Larmour, Manager - BOC

Excellent topic and presentation. Could have listened to another few hours of this. Would like to see a live walkthrough to see it in played out. Great information. Don not see a star rating for the content and presenter, but I would rate it as 5star.


Matt Scheurer, Chair / Sr. Systems Security Engineer - CiNPA Security SIG

This was a great webinar. The presentation was chocked full of so much great information that I had to pause a few times just to take notes. Before I round out my InfoSec career, I would love to have the title "Senior Threat Analyst". Presentations like this help me understand what gaps I have to fill. I'm really looking forward to the "Leveraging Threat Hunting To Investigate Advanced Threats" webinar in May!


Ronald Norris, System Engineer - GCI

Excellent presentation. Definitely appreciate the downloads


Andrew Beats, Systems Analyst - Blue Spruce Technologies, Inc.

Very well done, gents. Quite helpful in helping us to understand how to protect our AD environment. Thank you very much!

What can a fully managed webinar do for your lead generation campaign?

3 Key Benefits of hosting a webinar with us


Our CEO & globally-renowned cybersecurity practitioner and thought leader, Amar Singh, leads the discussion around your product/service on our webinar.

Highly Engaging Sessions

Our team works with you to create the presentation for the webinar, ensuring not just the right messaging for your audience but also a highly engaging session.   


We create a blog to attract audiences to the webinar and promote both the blog & the webinar extensively on our own social media pages that have a cumulative following of 90,000+.

Are you looking to drive growth? What can our fully managed webinar services do for your business?

Speak to one of our business growth consultants to see if a fully managed webinar can generate MQLs for you.

If we aren’t the right fit for each other, we promise we will let you know.

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