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World-Class Cybersecurity Training Services

NCSC Assured Cyber Security Training Courses

NCSC Assured Training in Cyber Incident Response Planning, Playbooks and Cyber Security & Privacy Essentials  

NCSC Assured Cyber Security Training

NCSC Assured Courses that cover all aspects of Cybersecurity & Privacy Essentials, Incident Response Planning & Creating Effective Incident Response Playbooks

Cyber Management Alliance offers three NCSC Assured Cyber Security Training Courses: 
1. The globally-acknowledged Cyber Incident Planning & Response Course
2. Building and Optimising Incident Response Playbooks Course
3. Cyber Security & Privacy Essentials Training 

All three courses have been designed by NCSC-Certified Trainer and one of the world's leading cybersecurity practitioners, Amar Singh. These courses are designed to equip organisations with the latest and most effective strategies for preparing for and dealing with cyber threats.

The Cyber Incident Planning and Response Training Course provides comprehensive training in building a cohesive response strategy for cyber incidents, ensuring you can swiftly and effectively mitigate damage. The Building & Optimising Incident Response Playbooks Course focuses on creating and refining Incident Response Playbooks that are effective in enabling organisations to respond to incidents with greater precision and coordination. The Cyber Security & Privacy Essentials Course covers fundamental aspects of cybersecurity and privacy, crucial for any organisation aiming to protect its data and infrastructure from cyber threats. Collectively, these courses significantly enhance your resilience against cyber-attacks, fostering a culture of robust and proactive cybersecurity readiness.


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Enhanced Cyber Resilience & Improved Response

NCSC Assured Training in Cyber Incident Planning & Response

The NCSC Assured Cyber Incident Planning & Response Training is a world-renowned course designed to equip participants with the skills to develop a structured and effective strategy for addressing data breaches or cyber-attacks. 

This course is tailored for a broad audience, encompassing both technical and non-technical individuals who seek to enhance their preparedness for cyber-attacks. This Training allows a diverse range of students to gain insights into the critical operational tactics and procedures that an organisation must consider before, during, and after a cyber crisis or data breach. 

Participants can look forward to learning: 

  1. How to Create a Fit-For-Purpose Cyber Incident Response Plan

  2. How to Implement NIST's Incident Response Framework

  3. How to meet all the objectives of ISO 27001:2013's Annex A.16.1



IR playbooks
Creating NIST-Compliant Playbooks

NCSC Assured Training in Building & Optimising Incident Response Playbooks

The NCSC Assured Training in Building and Optimising Incident Response Playbooks, provides comprehensive insights into developing incident response playbooks compatible with NIST SP 800-61 R2 and NIST CSF standards. Participants in the course, both from technical and non-technical backgrounds, learn how to create playbooks that can effectively address a range of cyber-attacks and data breaches. This training course, created by the world's leading cybersecurity expert and Incident Response trainer, imparts essential knowledge on what to include and what to omit in a Cyber Incident Response Playbook. Drawing from extensive frontline experience in managing cyber-attacks, this course offers invaluable insights into optimal response and recovery strategies. 

Participants in this training will learn how to: 

  1. Develop both basic and advanced Cyber Incident Response Playbooks.
  2. Significantly reduce their organisation's response time to cyber-attacks.
  3. Ensure greater compliance with legal and regulatory standards, including meeting specific regional breach notification requirements. 
Protecting Against the Current Threat Landscape

NCSC Assured Cyber Security & Privacy Essentials Training

The UK's NCSC Assured Cyber Security & Privacy Essentials (CSPE) course offers essential insights into cyber crime and defence strategies. This Information Security Awareness training is designed to boost your understanding of online threats and equip you with the skills to protect computer systems, networks, and data from cyber attacks and security breaches.

As the Internet opens up vast possibilities, it also increases exposure to cyber threats. From sophisticated phishing schemes to damaging malware, cybercriminals continually find new methods to exploit weaknesses and pilfer sensitive data. Our detailed training course delivers all the crucial information, cybersecurity awareness and expertise you need to protect your personal data and enhance your business's resilience against cyber crime.

This course is suited for anyone who: 

  1. Is aspiring to break into the field of cybersecurity or aiming to augment existing skills with specific cybersecurity and privacy knowledge. 
  2. Is looking to enhance their ability to safeguard personal digital information. 
  3. Aims to elevate their expertise in fortifying business infrastructure, critical assets, and operations.
CSPE Training

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