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Cyber Attack Tabletop Exercise Masterclass

Learn how to Plan, Produce & Conduct Successful Cyber Crisis Tabletop Exercises 

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Cyber Attack Tabletop Exercise Masterclass - Designed by the world's leading Cyber Drill Facilitator

Cyber Attack Tabletop Exercises are really the best way to judge how capable your organisation, key staff members and the management are to respond to real-life cybersecurity incidents. These structured, scenario-based cyber attack simulation drills are designed to evaluate the response to a cyber incident. They bring together key personnel from various departments who collaboratively navigate through a hypothetical cyber attack scenario. The aim is to assess the effectiveness of existing response plans, identify gaps in cybersecurity protocols, and enhance communication and decision-making skills under pressure. By replicating real-world cyber threats in a controlled environment, these exercises provide you with a valuable opportunity to test and improve your preparedness and resilience against actual cyber attacks.

But it's not always easy to plan and conduct a cyber tabletop exercise internally. You might either find yourself at a loss during the planning stage or you may struggle with achieving meaningful outcomes. This is why we have created this 7-hour Cyber Crisis Tabletop Masterclass, designed and delivered by the world's #1 cyber security drill facilitator.  

In this Tabletop Masterclass, not only will you learn the theory and gain essential skills, you will also learn how to apply the knowledge to plan, produce, and facilitate effective and highly engaging tabletop exercises. 

Who is this Tabletop Masterclass for? 

The target audience for this Masterclass is for anyone who wants to improve their organisation's crisis preparedness and cyber resilience.  Some job roles that will benefit from this special training include: 

  • Business Continuity Manager
  • Cyber Risk Manager
  • Emergency Planner/Manager
  • Project Manager/IT Project Manager
  • CISO/Head of Information Security 
  • IT Security/Cybersecurity Manager
  • Head of Security Operations
Benefits of this Cyber Tabletop Masterclass

How does this Cyber Tabletop Masterclass Benefit you?

Get access to all the expert insights and nuanced guidance you need to plan and facilitate an engaging & meaningful cyber simulation drill for your team.

Learn from a highly-experienced cybersecurity practitioner who has planned, produced & conducted hundreds of tabletop exercises for organisations around the world.

Master how to interact & engage with a wide range of stakeholders, senior board members, CEOs, CFOs and even deep technical staff.

Achieve tangible improvements in your crisis management and crisis preparedness, reducing business disruption in a real attack.

Highlights of the Cyber Crisis Tabletop Exercise Masterclass

12 hours of rich content dedicated to teaching you how to successfully conduct a cyber-attack simulation exercise

Increases attendee confidence in their own and the organisation's ability to respond and recover from a cyber crisis

Designed & delivered by a deeply-experienced cybersecurity professional recognised globally for conducting tabletop exercises remotely & in-person

Get Access to Cyber Tabletop Resources & Collateral Created by Experts

Course Collateral Includes:

  • Access to our Templates: Access to our professionally curated and designed tabletop templates.
  • Access to our tabletop content including question banks.
  • Professionally created and designed documents including: 
    • Terms of Reference (ToR) Template
    • Checklists - Tabletop Preparation, Production and Delivery Checklists
    • 5 Tabletop Scenarios PowerPoint templates (Editable)
    • Facilitator’s Guide
    • Detailed Participant’s Guide
    • Detailed Observer’s Guide
    • Report Templates. Includes 4 Cyber Security Tabletop Exercise Templates: 
  • Top 30 Tabletop Scenarios:  30 Unique Scenarios including suggested threats 
  • Free 1-hour consulting session that includes a review of your current tabletop slide deck and approach
  • 50% discount Executive Briefing and Awareness Sessions (or EBAS) session with your executives 
  • Free cursory review of your existing Incident Response plan document
  • Additional  discounts on any of our Cyber Crisis Tabletop Exercise (CCTE) Services
Cyber Attack Tabletop Exercise Masterclass

Learning Objectives

In this Masterclass, you’ll learn how to: 

Cyber Attack Tabletop Exercise Modules

Module 1 - Introduction to tabletop exercises

  1. What is a tabletop exercise?
  2. The importance and relevance  of tabletop exercises.
  3. Benefits of tabletop exercises.

Module 2 - Defining objectives & outcomes of your tabletop exercise

  1. What do you want to achieve with your tabletop exercise?
  2. Defining specific objectives of your tabletop exercise.
  3. Measuring the success of your tabletop exercise.


Module 3 - Choosing the right participants and exercise team

  1. Identifying and selecting tabletop participants.
  2. Roles and responsibilities of the exercise team.

Module 4 - Designing an interactive scenario and exercise plan

  1. Scenario & injects - The basics. 
  2. Creating the optimal scenario for a tabletop exercise.
  3. Structuring the tabletop exercise.
  4. What are the key questions that you want to answer?


Module 5 - Identifying issues and key gaps

  1. Capturing the issues and key gaps identified during your tabletop exercise.

Module 6 - Creating an interactive environment

  1. Creating a supportive environment for your tabletop exercise.
  2. How to encourage participants to share ideas and insights?


Module 7 - Conducting the tabletop exercise

  1. Facilitating the tabletop exercise.
  2. What are the key things to keep in mind during the exercise?


Module 8 - Break the silence barrier and gain effective insight

  1. Specific questions you must ask during a tabletop exercise.
  2. Asking the right questions to identify key gaps and issues for the session.


Module 9 - Debriefing the tabletop exercise

  1. How will you debrief your tabletop exercise?
  2. What are the key takeaways from the exercise?
  3. How will you use this information to improve your emergency response plan?


Module 10 - Tabletop outputs to improve your response playbooks

  1. Putting your learning into action.
  2. Steps to take to improve your response playbooks.
Learn how to plan, produce & conduct Cyber Attack Tabletop Exercises

Learning Outcomes

After the completion of this course, you should be able to: 

Plan and  design realistic cyber tabletop scenarios for three unique audience types: Executives, Operational Management and Technical Staff
Deliver and facilitate effective and engaging cyber tabletops to executives, operational staff and technical staff

Evaluate the effectiveness of your tabletop exercise against key metrics of engagement, participation, decision-making, awareness of roles and responsibilities etc.  

Identify and address gaps in your organisation's preparedness against cyber-attacks and ransomware attacks

Drive deep and meaningful discussions around cyber incident response with the attendees 

Use data from the tabletop session to improve existing Incident Response playbooks

Produce an executive summary report with actionable recommendations

Produce and deliver meaningful debrief sessions focussed on lessons learned

Why Choose Us for your Cyber Tabletop Training?

  • Deep and Verifiable Experience
  • We have conducted over 300 tabletop exercises!
  • We can engage senior executives, management and deep techies
  • Our facilitation experience and skills ensure all attendees take part
  • We have numerous case studies and testimonials that demonstrate the success of our approach to tabletop exercises 
  • We are experts in crisis management, Incident Response and Cyber Consultancy
  • Our training courses in Cyber Incident Planning & Response & Incident Response Playbooks are UK Government’s NCSC-Assured

Meet the Trainer 

Amar Singh has a long history and experience in data privacy and information security. Amar has served as CISO for various companies, including News International (now News UK), SABMiller, Gala Coral, Euromoney and Elsevier. Amongst various other activities, Amar is a Global Chief Information Security Officer and Trusted Advisor to a number of organisations including a FTSE100 firm, and is chair of the ISACA UK Security Advisory Group. He also founded the not-for-profit cybersecurity service for charities, Give01Day.

Amar_Singh_CISO (1).jpg

Amar has the highest integrity and is trusted by FTSE100 companies with some of the most sensitive commercial information. He has been involved with highly sensitive forensic investigations.

He has the ability to deal with both technically-astute, board-level executives and lead an organisation's information security direction. Apart from his experience and abilities, Amar holds a number of industry-recognised certifications, such as ISO 27001 Certified ISMS Lead Implementer, MoR, CRISC and CISSP certification.

Amar is an industry-acknowledged expert and public speaker and is regularly invited to speak and share his insights by some of the largest and most respected organisations in the world including The BBC, The Economist’s Intelligence Unit, The Financial Times, SC Magazine, InfoSec Magazine, Computer Weekly, The Register and the AlJazeera English Channel.


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