Top 3 Benefits of Cyber Incident Response Training

Date: 9 May 2020

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Cyber incident response training is an important investment for today's business leaders. It's crucial that executive and management professionals throughout the organisation understand the scope of cyber threats and possess the necessary knowledge to respond quickly and effectively. 

The Business Advantages of Cyber Incident Response Training 

1. Reduced Incident Response Time: In the event of a cyber-attack, it's crucial that senior management respond quickly and confidently. This is only possible if you have an organised Incident Response Plan in place and everybody knows what they're supposed to do next to mitigate the impact of the attack.  With cyber incident response training, you'll learn how to develop effective strategies for making swift strategic and operational decisions in the face of a threat.

Even if you have an incident response plan in place, there's a strong chance that it's not fit for a cyber-attack. A cybersecurity training course on cyber incident response will help decision-makers understand how to customise the plan for an actual attack.

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A solid cyber incident response training makes this possible by offering:

  • Strategies tailored to the complex nature of a cyber-attack and to your organisation.
  • Relevant scenarios with provisions for regulations such as the GDPR.
  • Simplified steps that are easily understood and clearly actionable.

2. Minimised Business Impact: The impact of a cyber-attack can be enormous. While no training can ensure that your organisation will never be attacked, it can help you to prepare better and reduce the blow that the attack has on your bottom-line and your business reputation. An effective cybersecurity training programme can equip your management and technical teams to slow down attackers even after they have breached the system. It can also prepare them in advance to manage business continuity even in case of a breach.  

3. Improved Trust: Cyber incident response training doesn't only prepare you for responding to an attack in technical terms. It also trains the team in critical PR and communications related steps that must be taken in case of a breach. This not only helps compromised businesses salvage their painstakingly-created reputations but also enables them to maintain the trust that their customers, investors and partners have placed in them. In the event of a cyber incident, it is imperative that a business responds in an accurate, sensitive and timely fashion and these subtle nuances of crisis communications can be learnt through an effective cyber incident response training course. 

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Cyber Management Alliance are the global front-runners in cyber crisis management, consultancy and training. Our popular public training in incident planning and response course, Cyber Incident Planning & Response (CIPR) has become the first to be assessed and awarded the course certification by the relaunched (recently revamped) National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). 

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