CMA takes its flagship CIPR Training to the Far East

Posted by Allie Philpin

Nov 28, 2019

Cyber Management Alliance goes to the Philippines for the first IT Security Asia Conference; takes its flagship CIPR training to the Far East.

Amar Singh attends conference as Master of Ceremony, Opening Keynote Speaker & Facilitator

The first week of November was an action-packed one here at Cyber Management Alliance as we headed off to the Pearl of the Orient Seas, the Philippines, for two exciting events. The first was the inaugural edition of the IT Security Asia Conference 2019 which was held in the capital city of Manila. Global Cybersecurity & Privacy thought leader, and the CEO of CMA, Amar Singh, was the Master of Ceremony. He was the Opening Keynote Speaker and Facilitator at this engaging event that was attended by over 100 CISOs and heads of security in Asia.

It was also the first time that CMA took its popular GCHQ-Certified Cyber Incident Planning & Response Training to the Far East. The one-day training was attended by 12 senior executives and management-level professionals who were deeply interested in understanding incident response, cyber-crisis management and enhancing the security posture of their respective organisations. The workshop drew an overwhelmingly positive response from the attendees.

IT Security Asia 2019

Held in Shangri-La at the Fort in Manila, IT Security Asia 2019 sought to bring together thought leaders from across the world to share their cybersecurity best practices with business executives in the Philippines, where cybersecurity laws are still in their inchoate stages and deal mostly with the aftermath of events. Considering the spike in the number of cyber-attacks in the country and the shortage of skilled talent to deal with the same, the conference, organised by Rockbird Media, aimed to galvanise collaboration between Philippine businesses and industry innovators. The idea was to help the former create strategies, plans and techniques in order to find tangible solutions to various new and emerging pain points.

Amar Singh Phillipines

The unique conference format consisted of roundtable discussions, personalised agendas, one-to-one meetings, networking and panel discussions. Amar delivered the Welcome Speech and the subject of his Keynote Presentation was – The New Paradigm: How to ensure your business is ready for cyberspace. As part of the roundtable discussion that followed he spoke on how to define and implement the right security strategy, models and tools to secure data on the cloud. He was the moderator for the panel discussion on ‘Adopting Digital Measures to Drive Sustainable Cybersecurity Strategies’.

As more and more companies depend on the Internet to make money and grow their businesses, cyber-criminals are undoubtedly following suit to try to steal and plunder all these businesses. Amar’s Keynote Presentation focussed on the concomitant risks to businesses big or small in the increasingly complex cyber world. He also delved into the subject of sustainable strategies for cloud security, emphasising on the need to drive data security without compromising on delivery speed. Amar also shed light on the importance of identifying key areas in cloud infrastructure to prioritise innovation.

GCHQ-Certified Cyber Incident Planning & Response Training

Cyber Management Alliance’s GCHQ-Certified CIPR Training has benefitted over 250 organisations worldwide and this was the first time that this non-technical, highly-effective course was available to audiences in the Philippines.

Cyber Security Training Phillipines Manila

The training enabled the 12 attendees to understand the relevance of and define a managed approach to a data breach or a cyber-attack on an information asset in their organisation. Since the training is non-technical and jargon-free, it was not only easily processed by the attendees, they also particularly appreciated the interactive and insightful nature of the course.

Here’s a closer look at the overwhelming response shared by the attendees:

“Amar ran us through real cyber-attack scenarios. He showed us what went wrong, how the attackers initiated the attack, the effect, and most especially, how we can avoid such attacks. Overall, the session was helpful. Thanks!”

  • Ashier de Leon, Ayala Healthcare Holdings

“The training has given me more insight into how to be prepared, which is very important in my planning of Incident Response. This should be taught to C-level executives as well, to have them grasp proper knowledge in Cyber Incident Response.”

  • Anthony Jonathan Luistro, KPMG


“A very informative and eye-opening course.”

Rohan Bato

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