Comparison of the old and new CISSP syllabus

Posted by Abhi G

Apr 14, 2016 6:12:43 AM

In 2015, ISC2 (the official CISSP certification body) revised the CISSP official book from an earlier Third Edition to a new FOURTH Edition book with some changes.

This initiated a marathon to update CISSP slides with a large number of CISSP training organisations. Being a trainer for most of them, I was repeatedly asked the following questions from CISSP participants in our training sessions and via emails.

  • Have the domains changed?
  • Are there new topics introduced?
  • Are there any topics removed?
  • Any spreadsheet I can share that can map the CISSP old and new domains?
  • The percentage impact of the new topics on the exam?

At CMA, we completed an exercise to understand the potential response to these questions and we developed an insightful spreadsheet matrix that maps the old CISSP syllabus with the new CISSP syllabus. The table below maps the old CISSP ten domains to new CISSP eight domains with a percentage of the new questions you may see in the exam.


CISSP Syllabus Comparison


Please note: this document may not help you in studying for your CISSP as the syllabus remains unchanged and there are only a couple of new topics introduced. But these insights will help you to be confident on the CISSP syllabus.

Please click CISSP Domain Mapping Spread sheet OLD and NEW Syllabus to download the full version of the spreadsheet to understand the topics added and removed from each CISSP domain, as per the new syllabus.

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Author –

The author is a professional CISSP trainer within CMA training pool. He is CMA's CISSP/CISA/ISO 27001/SOX/Information Risk Management/SAP Cyber Security trainer. He has an MBA (Finance), Computer Engineering, CISSP, CISA, ITIL (expert), COBIT (foundations), and SAP security qualifications.

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