UK’s NCSC certifies Incident Response Playbooks course by CM-Alliance

Date: 22 July 2021

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The Building & Optimising Incident Response Playbooks Course, the third from CM-Alliance to achieve the NCSC certification, focusses on creation of NIST-compliant Playbooks

London, July 22, 2021: Cyber Management Alliance, the recognised independent world leader in Cyber Incident & Crisis Management consultancy and training, has launched its NCSC-Certified Building and Optimising Incident Response Playbooks training course. This is the third course from CM-Alliance to receive the coveted UK-Government's National Cyber Security Centre’s accreditation.

The course, targeted at both technical and non-technical audiences, enables learners to create NIST-compliant, fit-for-purpose and immediately usable incident response playbooks.  

The Playbooks training course is a follow-on from CM-Alliance’s flagship Cyber Incident Planning & Response course - also the first course to be certified by the newly-rebranded NCSC’s certified training scheme, provided by APMG International

The course, delivered as an eLearning workshop or as a Virtual Classroom training, is beneficial for both individuals and organisational teams. Some of its key benefits include: 

  • Learning to create basic as well as advanced cyber incident response playbooks that are NIST SP 800-61 R2 & NIST CSF compatible. 
  • Being able to analyse and improve upon existing incident response procedures.
  • Significantly improving the organisation's speed of response to cyber-attacks.
  • Achieving better legal and regulatory compliance.


Amar Singh, CEO & Co-founder of Cyber Management Alliance as well as the course creator said, “Having a consistent, repeatable and auditable Incident Response Playbook is invaluable when an organisation is under attack. Building a Playbook that’s effective and based on the NIST Incident Response guidance is the main focus of this course.” 

The Incident Response Playbooks Training Course offers 12 deeply-engaging modules to students, designed specifically to cover this topic. The course boosts learning with several exercises and bonus content including playbook templates, workflows and more. 

Kim Rose, Information Governance Officer, Wye Valley NHS Trust, shared her experience with the training: “I would strongly recommend this training to anyone who is involved in Cyber Security or has control of information assets.” 

Bal Rai, Co-founder and Managing Director of Cyber Management Alliance added, “We are pleased to have received the prestigious NCSC certification for yet another one of our courses. We’re committed to bridging the gaps in organisational cyber resilience with our highly specialised training programmes. Our objective is to train audiences, both technical and non-technical the world over, in developing effective strategies for cyber incident response. With the launch of the Playbooks course, we’ve inched another step closer to this goal.”  

About Cyber Management Alliance

Cyber Management Alliance Ltd. is a recognised independent world leader in Cyber Incident & Crisis Management consultancy and training. The organisation is renowned globally as the creator of the UK Government’s NCSC-Certified Cyber Incident Planning and Response course certified. 

Cyber Management Alliance has serviced over 300 enterprise clients in multiple verticals including government, banking, finance, IT, consultancies, healthcare, oil & gas and retail across 38 countries. 

It has established its leadership by assessing, building and improving its clients’ Cyber Incident & Crisis Management capabilities through training, tabletop exercises, health checks and audits. The organisation helps businesses build and strengthen their Cyber Incident Response capabilities by rapidly detecting cyber-intruders and actively responding to business-impacting cyber-attacks.

Today, Cyber Management Alliance has a global and diverse network of over 80,000 cyber executives and practitioners worldwide.

Know more about our NCSC-Certified CIPR training course and how it can work for your organisation.  

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