CMA and StarLink partner to provide CIPR training in Saudi Arabia

Posted by Allie Philpin

Aug 2, 2017

Cyber Management Alliance (CMA) and StarLink partnered recently to provide CMA’s GCHQ Certified Cyber Incident Planning & Response (CIPR) training to delegates at the Marriott Hotel, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) on 20th July 2017.

Attendees to the one day workshop came from a range of companies in different industries including SABB, Arabian Centres, the Saudi Arabia Investment Bank (SAIB), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Saudi Industrial Development Fund (SIDF) and Saudi Government’s GCS (General Commission for Survey), learning how to plan and respond to cyber attacks and data breaches, building resiliency frameworks and developing cyber strategies.



Delegates attending the CIPR training course commented:

“Very informative, refreshing, lots of new ideas. I would highly recommend it to all my colleagues in cyber security and information security area. It goes over the details of strategy, how to respond, and procedure in training people. The trainer was able to inform us in a very detailed way, making good examples with the years of experience he has in the field.” Ayman Alshafai, Saudi Arabia Investment Bank
"Very, very good course. It's very useful for CISOs, manager and team leaders, especially in IT. The trainer, Amar, had lots of real examples, case studies and a lot of experience and I highly recommend the course." Saber Chopdat, Saudi Industrial Development Fund
"The training course is really very interesting and the points being covered are really crucial for every organisation." Mahmood Ali Mohammad, Arabian Centres

Cyber Incident Planning & Response (CIPR) Training

With the recent Wannacry ransomware and Petya, notPetya cyber attacks recently hitting the headlines, affecting organisations in a major way, Cyber Incident Planning and Response is as highlighted as ever within organisations worldwide to not only be prepared to respond to but also defend against data breaches. The course is also invaluable in helping enterprises comply with forthcoming breach notification requirements.

Led by Amar Singh, CEO and founder of Cyber Management Alliance, the GCHQ Certified CIPR training course is ideal for technical and non-technical people in preparing a defined and managed approach to responding to a data breach or cyber attack. GCHQ Certification, part of the UK government’s GCT scheme that is underpinned by the industry-respected IISP framework, ensures a training course that is recognised in developing cyber security. The course includes:

  • The latest techniques and insights on incident response.
  • Threat intelligence-led testing and response frameworks adopted by leading governments and institutions.
  • The Cyber Kill Chain and designing an early warning system to lower discovery time from months to days.
  • Creating actionable plans and checklists.
  • Understanding, defining and baseline ‘normal’ within an organisation.
  • The ‘golden hour’ and why it’s critical to managing an incident.
  • Learning about security incident orchestration and how it can help reduce the time to respond and human error.
  • Learning how to automate critical response tasks to increase employee efficiency.
  • Stopping up to 90% of all cyber attacks in their tracks and before they reach critical data.

For more information on Cyber Management Alliance, their CIPR training, Live Online CISSP Training & Mentorship program and other GCHQ-accredited courses, webinars, the Wisdom of Crowds live and virtual events, and their Insights with Cyber Leaders series of exclusive interviews, click here or contact us today.

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