We recently delivered our flagship cybersecurity training course, the GCHQ-Certified Cyber Incident Planning and Response (CIPR) workshop to UAE's Dubai Islamic Bank.

The interactive, UK Government-certified incident management training was delivered to a mixed group of Senior Management and members of the IT Audit function with the objective of enabling management to understand the audit requirements for incident management, improve the organisation's incident response capability and increase its overall cyber resilience maturity.

During the two day interactive workshop we covered the following;

  • Creating a blueprint for building a cyber resilient organisation,
  • Reviewing and optimising incident response plans,
  • Creating actionable checklists and response playbooks, 
  • Identifying teams, roles and skills for the CSIRT teams
  • Reviewing audit controls for incident management and cyber resiliency.
  • Technical knowledge is NOT a prerequisite. 
  • *CSIRT - Cybersecurity Incident Response Teams 
Jul 30, 2018

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